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Dear beloved Brewers,

Its been a great 29 years we had some good times and some bad.I know you never mean to hurt me ,but in the end it always seems like I'm the one who ends up crying.

I've been thinking about it and its you not me.Ive been there for you almost everyday(except for games in Colorada ,San Fran,and Arizona in which for some reason they black out in Vegas).You always get my hopes only to have them come crashing down in the end.I cant do this anymore. I still love you but i have to start thinking of myself.I'm sorry it just hurts to much to be with you.I Can't lie lately I've been switching channels and watching a little bit of the Dodgers and James Loney I dont know where its going to go ,but I know I'm just not happy with you anymore.



Love Always,



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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