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I don't know if anyone else watches Psych, but it's quickly become one of my favorite shows. It's about a guy, Shawn, who has a great attention to detail and a photographic memory, and uses those skills to pretend to be a psychic and consult with the local police on cases. His semi-nerdy best friend from childhood, Gus, assists him. The show is hilarious, with tons of pop culture references thrown in, and last night's episode had one I loved:


Shawn has hung up pictures of Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice in their office.

Gus: "Why couldn't I be Crockett?"

Shawn: "Because Gus, you stood in front of the entire third grade class and said, 'When I grow up, I want to be Philip Michael Thomas.'"

Gus: "Well you said you wanted to be the mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers."

Shawn: "Dude, he's the biggest sausage in the world."


Yeah, I know Bernie is the mascot and not the sausages, and the sausage race didn't exist when they would have been in third grade, but I still loved the line.

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I think the show is hilarious, but people who I have told to watch it don't seem to like it as much as I do. I think you have to look past the detective/mystery part of the show which is usually pretty formulaic and follow along with the whitty dialog. The metrosexual stuff and pop culture references are great though, as they seem to obsess over men's hair and reference things as random as Gus' love of MMB (Meredith Baxter Birney) who Shawn is convinced is only because she was APK's (Alex P. Keaton) mom.
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Yeah I agree the plots are pretty weak and the characters are somewhat underdeveloped other than Shawn and Gus. Shawn seems to be making less of an effort to look like a psychic this year.

I am kind of on the fence with Burn Notice so far. I am glad we haven't seen the brother for a couple episodes now. I didn't like him.

Fan is short for fanatic.

I blame Wang.

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