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Ryan Braun article in SI...


didn't see this posted anywhere but I opened up my SI and saw a picture of Ryan Braun, and a nice article too. I tried to scan it in here, don't know if it will work well, nice read if you can find it.








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Wow - thanks BHF! What a great, concise article. It's a neat insight into our new 3d baseman. It was a relief to see his non-slump come to an end today. When he hit that laser-beam double, I turned to my buddy and said, "Honestly, I don't believe that it was him to come up with that hit. Especially given his first three at-bats." How 'bout that first swinging K? Don't think I've seen anyone outside of Jenks go down on a fastball that far outta the zone. Nice recovery, Brauny!
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The article scanned beautifully.


As a heads up, if you view it in Opera, you can easily zoom it for easier on-screen reading.

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