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YoGo question

Sorry if this has been asked previously.


I know only a little about his repetorie. His moxxy seems to be off the charts, and he refuses to beat himself it would seem. Who is he most similar to in MLB? Does his fastball have great movement? (It isn't that out of this world fast by most accounts) Does he throw a sinker? Slider/curve or both? Most importantly in this day in age, does he have a change up? Or is he a two pitch pitcher ala Ben Sheets?


What can we expect in five years?



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A scout that wasn't that high on Yo said he was another Javier Vasquez. He also said that there was a wide gap between Yo and the group of Bailey, Hughes, Lincecum, and Andrew Miller as far as top pitching prospects go. If Vasquez is the low end of his projection, he will be a very good major league player, especially in the national league. Remember Vasquez with the Expos? He was sick that year, people thought he was a poor man's Pedro. I think I saw this on BA.
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