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Can we have an official Ned Yost thread?

There are those of us who like Yost and those of us you don't. Fans are also looking for specific examples of why he is good manager or why is he a bad manager. I think it might benefit all of us if we ridicule him or praise him in one thread where we can look back at specific examples of his decision making.


I honestly believe he is the only manager in baseball who would have pitched to Pujols in the 7th inning last night in a 3-2 game with a runner on third with one out. To me that was unexcusable and mind boggling to say the least. I know Yost is going to take the blame for things beyond his control and will never get enough credit when the team wins....but isn't a big part of his job, trying to give the best possible chance for his team to win the game? Was pitching to Pujols really giving his team the best chance to suceed? Granted we probably wouldn't have came back and won anyway, but 12+ hours after the decisoin, I still can't get over it. Then to see him smiling in the dugout when the camera man had a close-up of him in the 9th inning caused me to upchuck a little bit.

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Those kind of judgement calls never bother me. What actually happened made Pujols single completely meaningless, had we walked him they would have scored exactly the same number of runs.


Some of his bullpen management makes me want to hit someone though.

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To me, Yost is not as good of a manager as the lovers think he is and he's not as bad as the haters think he is.


When people scream about how bad Yost is, what they are really saying is that Melvin is stupid for not firing him. But no one puts it in those terms because they like what Melvin has done for the team and don't want to badmouth him. Would we have 2 more wins without Yost? 5 more? 8 more? 10 more? 5 less? I don't know.


Doug Melvin knows what his own goals are for this team and if Ned meets them, he'll stay, and if he doesn't, he'll be gone.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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