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Mike Jones / Manny Parra from the JS

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Ok seriously...


Who is plagiarizing whom?


These are the same articles in essence with two different writers. I know it is a Spring Training beat and they all get the same sound bite, but guys...one of you is not even trying.


Pretty obvious too...shame...


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There are only so many stories to write in spring training. Both Parra and Jones threw on Monday, and both Haudricourt and McCalvy have pretty much gone through the "starters" and "by position" analyses, so focusing on these two today made sense.


Certainly each will have a Yohannis Perez story at some point, and there will be elements of today's AP story in each.


I know I can be harsh on Tom in particular, but keeping in mind that there isn't a need to have real "game stories" in the spring -- which would lend themselves to strategy analysis, etc., namely, things to write about -- it's really a wonder to consider who or what will fill their newspaper and web pages for the next two weeks. I do anticipate there will be some trade activity and 40-man roster maneuvering to discuss, but that's still a ways away.


We've seen the Koskie story, the Sedar and Skaalen story, the Doug and Gord story, etc. I'm pretty sure that Tom and Adam would tell you their pickings are getting slim. Maybe we'll see some Jeremy Jeffress or Cole Gillespie stuff soon, that'd be cool.

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McCalvey writes:


A group was sitting in Brewers manager Ned Yost's office over the weekend and the subject of right-hander Mike Jones and left-hander Manny Parra came up. Both have ranked among the team's top pitching prospects in recent seasons, but both have slipped on that list because of injuries.


Sounds like it was sort of a low-key version of a press conference...they're writing similar stories because they were both there and heard the same stuff. And it's not like there's even a gripping battle for the backup catcher spot this year...so they gotta write something.

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Adam McCalvy of MLB.com included in his note column tonight that Mike Jones' final option was used today with his assignment to Huntsville.


Unlike Dennis Sarfate, there won't be a 4th option year, see the linked thread here if you're wondering about that. We had been hinting at this for the last year in the Link Reports and such (that this is Jones' final option year).




Coming out of spring training next year, Jones would have to make the Brewers out of camp or be exposed to waivers. Let's hope it even becomes an issue at all -- good luck to Mike.

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