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Tony Lucadello, former Phillies scout


This man scouted a close friend of mine back in the eighties. The Phils drafted Jeff in '87 (something like the 25th round) he chose not to sign.


As the '89 draft was approaching, Tony came to see Jeff, had him throw off a mound for him, and told him he was going to see that he was drafted again...if Jeff promised he would sign.


Jeff did promise, but then out of nowhere, without explanation, Tony shot himself a few days later. The scout's life was over, the young player returned to our hometown where he lives to this day.



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My library owns a copy of the book:


Prophet of the sandlots : journeys with a major league scout

(Mark Winegardner is the author)


If you don't find a copy to purchase anywhere, or are interested in reading but not purchasing, you can borrow our copy. If this interests you, send a message to my inbox and I will tell you more.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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