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Are there any good minor league publications you would recommend over others? I remember reading At The Yard a couple years ago and thought it was kind of an interesting, easy to read magazine. I looked into getting a subscription for the upcoming year, but it seems they now have gone out of business or something?


Of course I'm a huge Brewers fan at the major league level, but only since about last year have I begun to follow their minor league system more closely. I attend 10-12 Wisconsin Timberattlers games a year, not so much because I'm a fan of the Seattle system, but I enjoy seeing the other teams come to town and checking out their prospects.


Long story short, specifically, I'm wondering if you recommend any publications over the others as far as prospect profiles and rankings, scouting reports and/or system rankings for the upcoming 2007 season? Are there any good magazines out there? I know there are a ton of websites, but I'm looking more for a publication that I can follow and bring to games with me.


I think the Baseball America prospect handbook comes out around February...is that my best bet? For what it's worth, I'm not looking to spend more than $20 or $25..if possible.


Thanks in advance...

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Speaking of At The Yard, I was never notified that the publication folded. I just stopped getting my monthly copy, and that was that. There was no attempt to fulfill my subscription with anything else until it ran out.


I liked At the Yard. Too bad it's gone.

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I have tried most of the minor league publications out there over the years. Shandler Enterprises published their "Minor League Baseball Analyst" for the first time in 2006. I don't believe I will ever purchase any other minor league publication again. The 2007 edition is coming out in January 2007, I've already pre-ordered it and can't wait until it's shipped.

Here's a link for you

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