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2005 Draft

If it were to be redone today, how would the top five go? I realize this may be an off the wall thread, but looking at the top five picks, or even ten, I am simply amazed by their development and success. I still think the top five would all fall about the same, unless Hochevar/Pelfrey/Maybin/Bruce perhaps would move up but who do they unseat? Clement is still considered a top three catching prospect at a talent starved position. Given that Upton has been moved to the outfield, I could see his value diminished a bit. But Zimmerman is being courted by the Hall of Fame, the people of KC are beginning to genuflect at the mere mention of Alex Gordon, and Ryan Braun is considered by this board, myself included, to be the missing link in our longterm postseason aspirations. Thus, who would be your top 10 from this draft?
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1. Ryan Zimmerman

2. Alex Gordon

3. Matt Garza

4. Mike Pelfrey

5. Ryan Braun

6. Troy Tulowitzki

7. Luke Hochevar

8. Cameron Maybin

9. Jay Bruce

10. Justin Upton


My 11th man would be Pedro Alvarez, a man-child now at Vanderbilt who was drafted in something like the 14th round from '05 that is an early favorite to go first overall in the '08 draft.


Notice the top 7 players are all college guys, although they all were expected to succeed more quickly than their prep counterparts. In a few years a few of the high school guys may creep up towards the top, but if given the chance to take these players now, this is the order in which I would select them.

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1. Ryan Zimmerman

2. Alex Gordon

3. Cameron Maybin

4. Jay Bruce

5. Justin Upton

6. Ryan Braun

7. Troy Tulowitzki

8. Andrew McCutcheon

9. Chris Volstad

10. Mike Pelfry


Only looked at 1st rounders. Guys like Hochevar, Buchholz would have to be strongly considered as well. I still feel that Cameron Maybin is going to be the best to come out of this class.

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I still can't wait to see what Ryan Braun can do on the Major league level. I agree that Zimmerman could be ranked number #1 as Colby rated him based on his season this year.


Could it be that Braun could be better than Zimmerman at least offensively in the near future based on his collegiate stats, etc? He has outperformed Zimmerman I believe every year in college. Or perhaps has Zimmerman past Braun up? Tough to speculate I suppose without Braun having a major league body of work to compare.


Either way, again, I cannot wait to see Braun in Brewer uniform soon. To think that perhaps, maybe we have either the number one or two ranked player from that draft is exciting considering the picks of Weeks and Fielder of the few years before......

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Alex Gordon was the BA Minor League Player of the Year, and was roundly hailed as the greatest offensive force in that draft. The gent has only further proven that he can handle 3B defensively and his power trumps Zimmerman. If I had to rank them, I would say...


1. Gordon 3B/1B (as Zimmerman and Teahan both are being credited with moving the shiny wooden bat)

2. Zimmerman 3B (Advanced approach, but I don't think he is going to be anything more than what he is right now, and he could simply regress with no Soriano to intimidate

3. Braun 3B (His bat could dwarf both in front of him, but only if his defense continues to progress)

4. Pelfrey SP (He has already pitched in the majors)

5. Jay Bruce CF (Has converted his great tools to even greater results, making those who passed on him sick with angst, much like the other top prospect in his organization)

6. Hochevar SP (Was considered to be better than Pelfrey by many, and has a better arsenal)

7. Maybin RF (Has truly taken to the wood and has showcased his almost unmatched tools)

8. Upton SS/CF (Considering his new position, you can't blame him for not dominating, but given his draft position and peers, much more is expected)

9. Matt Garza SP (Has pitched in the majors and, at times, got great results. That said, he doesn't have the power arsenal of his two counterparts)

10. Clement C (I am of the opinion that he is going to be a top-five catcher in five years, flashing Piazza power. That said, he needs to stay healthy and actually showcase the bat that made him a household name in SoCal in college)

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