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Link Report Sun. 9/3: Joy at AAA, but Stars' Dillard Injured

Mass Haas

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Sunday's Daily Menu:


All times Central; pitchers subject to change --


Nashville: RHP Justin Lehr at home vs. Round Rock (Astros), 5:40 PM pre-game; 6:00 gametime


Audio link:



Huntsville: RHP Tim Dillard at Birmingham (White Sox), 5:50 PM pre-game, 6:05 gametime


Audio link:



Brevard County: TBD (times two) at home in a double-dip vs. Daytona (Cubs), 11:00 AM


Audio link (opponent's) --



West Virginia: LHP Steve Garrison at Hickory (Pirates), 4:50 PM pre-game, 5:00 gametime


Audio link:



Helena: TBD at Billings (Reds), 4:50 PM pre-game; 5:05 gametime


Audio (click on "Listen Live"):



Arizona: Season completed

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Follow Sunday's action as it happens:

Here's what you do, right click on each of the links below and choose "Open in New Window". Open the Nashville Gameday. For the others, choose "Log". While you're listening to your minor league game of choice (or watching/listening to the big league Crew when they are playing), simply refresh your game log browsers every so often.










Brevard County Game One:




Brevard County Game Two:




West Virginia:







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This link will be included in each daily report when the Nashville Sounds and/or Huntsville Stars are scheduled to play. Normally it is updated an hour or two prior to gametime:


Nashville Media Notes (Adobe .pdf format):




Following Nashville's lead, Huntsville now makes its media notes available as well, nice:




NOTE: Huntsville notes haven't been updated as of this post since 8/24...

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Standings through Saturday's action:

Helena was officially eliminated from post-season play when Missoula won Saturday night...

 Pacific Coast League (AAA) - American North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Nashville 75 67 .528 - 41-29 34-38 L3[/b] Iowa 74 68 .521 1.0 43-28 31-40 W2 Memphis 57 85 .401 18.0 34-39 23-46 L2 Omaha 53 89 .373 22.0 31-39 22-50 L2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Southern League (AA) - North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Huntsville 41 26 .612 - 21-12 20-14 L1[/b] Chattanooga 37 31 .544 4.5 20-15 17-16 L1 Tennessee 37 31 .544 4.5 20-13 17-18 W2 West Tenn 30 38 .441 11.5 20-13 10-25 W1 Carolina 29 39 .426 12.5 21-12 8-27 W2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Florida State League (A+) - East Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Palm Beach 36 28 .563 - 20-11 16-17 L1 St. Lucie 37 30 .552 0.5 20-15 17-15 W3 Daytona 35 30 .538 1.5 24-15 11-15 L3 [b]Brevard County 28 33 .459 6.5 13-13 15-20 W5[/b] Vero Beach 23 38 .377 11.5 14-16 9-22 L2 Jupiter 23 42 .354 13.5 13-20 10-22 W1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- South Atlantic League (A) - Northern Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lakewood 46 21 .687 - 25-7 21-14 W2 [b]West Virginia 35 31 .530 10.5 21-12 14-19 L1[/b] Lake County 33 32 .508 12.0 17-16 16-16 L1 Hickory 33 34 .493 13.0 16-20 17-14 W1 Greensboro 32 33 .492 13.0 16-18 16-15 L2 Lexington 29 38 .433 17.0 19-14 10-24 W3 Delmarva 27 39 .409 18.5 17-16 10-23 L2 Hagerstown 27 40 .403 19.0 15-19 12-21 W1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pioneer League (R+) - North Division Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billings 23 10 .697 - 13-3 10-7 L1 Missoula 21 12 .636 2.0 12-5 9-7 W4 [b]Helena 19 14 .576 4.0 11-6 8-8 W1[/b] Great Falls 8 25 .242 15.0 6-10 2-15 L4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arizona League (R) - Arizona League Standings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AZL Angels 19 8 .704 - 6-3 13-5 W1 AZL Royals 19 9 .679 0.5 9-6 10-3 W2 AZL Padres 18 9 .667 1.0 11-4 7-5 L1 AZL Giants 16 11 .593 3.0 8-6 8-5 L1 AZL Athletics 14 13 .519 5.0 10-4 4-9 W3 AZL Cubs 11 16 .407 8.0 4-9 7-7 L2 AZL Mariners 11 16 .407 8.0 8-6 3-10 L3 AZL Rangers 8 20 .286 11.5 6-9 2-11 L4 [b]AZL Brewers 7 21 .250 12.5 5-9 2-12 W2[/b]

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If Inman pitches today, doesn't he need like 7 and 1/3 innings to qualify for the ERA title? Aren't most double headers just 7 innings in the minors?


What's the scoop?

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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Link while active, text follows:




Covering the bases

Mark McCarter, Huntsville Times


Twenty years ago, the Huntsville Stars' third baseman played in 55 games, had 195 at-bats, smacked 10 homers, 15 doubles, drove in 53 runs and batted .303.


This year, the Huntsville Stars' third baseman has played in 56 games, going into Saturday night, and had 220 at-bats, smacked 14 homers, 17 doubles, drove in 38 runs and was batting .295.


Pretty good statistical comparison there between Mark McGwire, whom many Huntsville fans still hold as a symbol of the franchise, and Ryan Braun. ...


The Stars drew 158,775 fans in 64 dates this season, an average of 2,481. That's ninth in the 10-team league. They averaged 3,216 last year. Much of the blame should be shouldered by ownership, which fueled rumors of a potential move by its delay in signing a lease extension with the city and by not investing in a larger staff to market the team. ...


Classy move by Don Money on Friday night with the Stars on the cusp of clinching the second-half pennant at Birmingham. He sent pitching coach Rich Sauveur to the mound with two out in the bottom of the 10th to instruct the players to keep the celebration low-key on the field. No use rubbing it in the Barons' faces - especially because the Stars have now celebrated clinchings four times at the Hoover Met since 2001. ... With Yovani Gallardo and Steve Hammond having limited innings left to pitch in postseason, it'll be a cobbled-together pitching rotation in the final games of the season. Outfielder Ron Acuna would be the first position player enlisted to pitch, Money said. ...


Stars general manager Tom Van Schaack, who attended Friday's pennant-clinching game with a number of his staff members, was pleased with the extension of the player development contract with Milwaukee and said that once the city of Huntsville completes the much-needed clubhouse and lighting renovations, "the next two years will come easier." He even hoped the PDC could be extended through 2010. ... Van Schaack has been pleased with the teams the Brewers have sent here - this will be the third playoff appearance in six seasons - and the number of top prospects. "I know McGwire and (Jose) Canseco came through here. What I hope, as time goes on, is people will embrace the Brewers organization and appreciate the people they have sent here, like (Rickie) Weeks and (J.J.) Hardy and (Prince) Fielder." ... On the Brewers' active roster as of Saturday, seven formerly played in Huntsville and two more are on the disabled list.


Around the league


Chattanooga's Joey Votto was an easy choice for league MVP, but his hopes for a Triple Crown faded late in the season. At .316 he should still finish as the leader in average, but he was third in homers (21) and RBIs (76) going into Saturday's play. ... The SL North division dominated the post-season All-Star team, with C Miguel Montero, 2B Danny Richar, OF Jerry Gil and utility Jamie D'Antona (Tennessee), Votto, reliever David Shafer and ex-Star OF Noochie Varner (Chattanooga) and 3B Scott Moore, OF Christopher Walker and Best Hustler Eric Patterson (West Tenn). ... From the South, Manager of the Year John Shoemaker, Most Outstanding Pitcher Spike Lundberg, SS Chin-Lung Hu and DH Craig Brazell (Jacksonville), RHP Andy Sonnanstine (Montgomery) and OF Ricardo Nanita and LHP Tyler Lumsden (Birmingham). ... Expect a Mobile-Tennessee tug-o-war over the Chicago Cubs' Double-A affiliation when the "courting" period begins.




Triple-A Nashville Sounds (75-66 before Saturday's play, first place in Pacific Coast League American Division): Entered play Saturday needing only one win to clinch division. P Carlos Villanueva with seven perfect innings Friday before bullpen blew 5-0 lead.


Single-A Brevard County Manatees (28-33, fourth in Florida State East Division this half): Current Star OF Brendan Katin and 2B Hernan Iribarren named to FSL All-Star team; Manatees re-upped with Milwaukee through 2010.


Single-A West Virginia Power (35-20, second in South Atlantic League Northern Division this half): P Will Inman, C Angel Salome, 3B Mat Gamel and OF Lorenzo Cain named to Sally League All-Star team.


Single-A Helena Brewers (18-14, third in Pioneer League North): C Andy Bouchie and OF Chris Errecart named to All-Star team.


On deck


The Stars are at Birmingham this evening at 6:05 and Monday at 12:35. The Stars are in Chattanooga on Thursday and Friday for the first two games of the Southern League North playoffs, then return home Saturday for the third in the best-of-five series.

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That's what I get for posting right after I wake up.


Thanks Mass.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

- Plato

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."

- Plato

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Taking a break from room-painting for a few minutes today, just listened to all of the Brewer game with Bob and Jim.


What a sad state that we look to any morsel of success within the minor leagues as a way to salvage some respect and pride about feeling good about being a fan of this organization.


Perhaps that's what brings so many to the Power 50, to the Daily Link Report, to get a sense of "give me any good reason why I should emotionally and financially invest in the Milwaukee Brewers".


Thank goodness for Joe Girardi and the $15 million Florida Marlins. No longer can any owner, GM, manager, any coach, come to the fans and say sorry, we're not respectable because of some lame excuse.


Injuries are a reason teams don't win division titles or wild card berths. It is not a reason that teams lose ten games in a row (and counting, Greg Maddux tomorrow), can't approach .500 ball, continue to make bone-headed baserunning and fielding decisions, give up more base hits on 0-2 counts than any team in history, surrender more base hits to opposing pitchers than any other team year after year, take awful approaches at the plate in nearly every situation, mis-manage both rosters and lineups, are not respectable in nearly any sense of the word, etc., etc., etc. Oh, but wait, they're "good guys".


Mark Attanasio, I am asking for respectability. Actually, we are all demanding it. Anything beyond respectability is gravy. I want to be associated emotionally and otherwise with a big league team that I can respect.


I may have used the Link Report as a soap box forum for a post on the big league Brewers once or twice in five+ years.


Shame on you, Milwaukee Brewers, shame on you, for forcing me to do so again today.


Good luck to all the kids tonight, in the post-season, and into 2007.

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My two cents, bring up the young guys in the minors (Position and Pitchers) who are deserving to instill some character to this team, sometimes it's well worth the investment for both the current players, management and most of all the fans! We have some young talent worth taking a look at for 2007. I would bet if they did that a few days ago, we may still be talking about a wild card team.
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Will Inman is starting for West Virginia today, and has been efficient


What's new? I hope like hell he wins the ERA title, but the more remarkable thing than his ERA was the 100-ish IP that he went without giving up a HR. That's unreal.

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Final, Game One: Daytona (Cubs) 4, Brevard County 1


Brevard County Site Game One Game Summary:


Holliman, Cubs take opener


Mark Holliman scattered six hits over 6 1/3 innings as visiting Dayton bested Brevard County, 4-1, in the opener of Sunday's doubleheader.


Holliman (8-11), who won his first start since July 21, held the Manatees (27-34) scoreless until the seventh inning. He struck out three and walked two as he lowered his ERA to 4.38.


Chris Robinson led the Cubs at the plate, going 3-for-4 with a two-run double in the third. Jeremy Williams, who recently joined Daytona from the Cubs' Arizona League affiliate, hit his second homer in six games with the Cubs in the second.


Daytona (36-20) added a run in the sixth. Nate Spears singled to lead off the inning and advanced to third on Ryan Harvey's single before scoring on a balk by Brevard County reliever Bo Hall.


Freddy Parejo scored the Manatees' only run in the seventh. Parejo singled with one out and advanced to third on a double by Ned Yost to force Holliman out of the game. Paul Schappert came on in relief and allowed an RBI groundout to J.R. Hopf. Schappert picked up his 20th save after getting Ryan Crew to line out to end the game.


Sam Narron (2-4) took the loss for Brevard County, giving up three runs on three hits and two walks in three innings. Hall gave up a run on two hits in three innings of relief, and Ben Stanczyk pitched a scoreless seventh for the Manatees. -- Kristen Zimmerman/MLB.com


Brevard County Game One Box Score and Game Log:





Final, Game Two: Brevard County 4, Daytona (Cubs) 3


Brevard County Site Game Two Game Summary:


Sollmann lifts Manatees


Steven Sollmann's RBI single in the bottom of the seventh inning lifted Brevard County over Daytona, 4-3, as the teams split Sunday's doubleheader.


Charlie Fermaint drew a one-out walk in the seventh, moved to second on a wild pitch by reliever Carlos Perez (5-8) and scored when Sollmann delivered a single to center field.


Fermaint lifted a sacrifice fly in the first and smacked an RBI double in the third for the Manatees (28-34), who rebounded from a 4-1 loss in the opener. Ned Yost also drove in a run for Brevard County.


Josh Alliston (5-3) picked up the win in relief, despite yielding two runs -- one earned -- on three hits over the final two innings. Starter Robert Hinton allowed a run on four hits in two innings before Brandon Harmsen kept the Cubs scoreless over the next three frames.


Matthew Ciaramella, Chris Robinson and Matt Craig each drove in a run for the Cubs (36-21).


Perez surrendered a run on two hits and three walks in 1 2/3 innings. Daytona starter Justin Berg gave up two runs on two hits and a walk in two innings. Stephen Bronder yielded a run on four hits over two frames, and Tim Layden tossed a scoreless fifth. -- Kristen Zimmerman/MLB.com


Brevard County Game Two Box Score and Game Log:

Alcides Escobar 3-for-3 with a walk; see you next year, Manatees!



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Final: Hickory (Pirates) 5, West Virginia 3


West Virginia Site Game Summary:




Power right hander Will Inman needed to pitch six and two thirds innings in his final start of the season on Sunday night against Hickory to make himself eligible for the South Atlantic League leader board in earned run average. Inman surrendered five runs on eight hits, and suffered his first loss since May 21st, but he pitched seven and two thirds innings, to put him at the top of the leader board in earned run average, as the Power fell to Hickory 5-3.


The Crawdads scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth inning. Brad Corley and Tony Mansolino both hit two-run homers to give Hickory the lead. The Power scored all three of their runs in the top of the eighth inning. With two outs and Lorenzo Cain on second base, Mike Bell hit a routine fly ball into right field that was dropped by Corley, allowing Cain to score. Bell scored later in the inning on Michael Brantley?s base hit, and an errant throw from Hickory pitcher Matt Swanson scored Tony Festa. Cameron Blair scored the final run of the game for Hickory on a wild pitch in the bottom of the eighth inning.


Despite the loss, Inman finishes the season with a 1.71 ERA on the season. Going into Sunday?s action, the league leader in ERA was Matt Maloney of Lakewood with a 1.99 ERA. Two years ago former Charleston Alley Cat Tom Mastny led the league with a 2.17 ERA. Inman also broke the club record for ERA in a season previously held by Tim Pugh who posted a 1.93 ERA in 1990.


Todd Redmond (13-6) earned the victory, Justin Vaclavik (18) got the save and Inman (10-2) suffered the loss. The Power are 74-62 overall and 35-32 in the second half after the loss while the Crawdads improved to 67-70 overall and 34-34 in the second half after the win.


The Power will end the season against the Hickory Crawdads at L.P. Frans Stadium on Monday. The Power will throw left hander Steve Garrison (7-6, 3.45) and Hickory will counter with right hander Luis Valdez (7-8, 4.28). The first pitch will be delivered at noon (11:00 AM Central).


West Virginia Box Score and Game Log:

No walks and eight K's for Inman, who finishes with a 134-to-24 K/BB ratio in 110.2 innings (75 hits) -- amazing...




NOTE: The Hickory Record reports that Inman needed to pitch all nine innings and keep Hickory to three runs or less, to qualify for the lowest ERA in all of the the minor leagues. I believe that involves the new pitching award established this year that was mentioned on our forum a month or so ago.

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Final: Billings (Reds) 8, Helena 3


MiLB.com Helena Game Summary:


Gressick, Turner lead Mustangs


Anthony Gressick picked up his sixth win and Justin Turner homered as Billings downed visiting Helena, 8-3, on Sunday.

Gressick (6-2) gave up three runs on seven hits and a walk while fanning three in five innings. His third straight victory moved him into a first-place tie for wins in the Pioneer League.


Marcos Mateo tossed four scoreless frames, allowing two hits while fanning four and walking one to nab his first save.


The Mustangs took a 3-1 lead in the first as Ryan Brown delivered a two-run double.


Cole Gillespie and Bill Rowe smacked RBI singles in the third to lift the Brewers (19-15) into a 3-3 tie.


Turner broke the deadlock in the bottom of the frame with a solo shot, his fifth.


Denis Phipps, Logan Parker and Michael McKennon had RBI hits for Billings (24-10), whose magic number for clinching the North Division second-half title is down to three.


Helena starter Brock Kjeldgaard (1-2) took the loss, giving up four runs on four hits over three innings with two walks and two strikeouts. -- Louice Thomas/MLB.com


Helena Box Score and Game Log:

Cole Gillespie on base three times...



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