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Introducing 40-man and active rosters!

Brock Beauchamp



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New to the site, we've added both the active roster and the 40-man roster pages!

These pages will update nightly so they'll always be up-to-date with the current state of the big league club, adding yet another long-term feature I've wanted to see on our baseball sites basically forever. There isn't a lot to say about these pages other than they feature the standard set of player info: name, position, handedness, DoB, etc.

To find these pages, use the hamburger menu at the top right of every page (the three horizontal lines), click "Brewers Resources", and then you'll be presented the options for both the roster pages and the team schedule for the season.

As always, if you have suggestions for new features you'd like to see added or improvements to current features, please comment below!


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