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7/17 Non-Brewers IGT


Dr Giants:


Good effort lads, although you might want to avoid that Ramirez fellow the next time around.


From afar, it appears as though Mr Zito has not lived up to that rather unadvisable contract you folks gave him, would someone your way please encourage him to get going on this issue? You see, we here in Milwaukee have been waiting for our club to best the chaps in the Pacific Coast League for some time now, and those silly Cubs have chosen our year as their time to remain relevant beyond Flag Day.


We all know you can't lose 'em all, and I've noticed your squad travels next to Milwaukee. It occurs to me that your nine are likely to win one prior to your next return home, I'd consider it rather sporting of you if you'd handle that business while still in Chicago.


Best to Mr Bonds,



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Will be interesting to see if Bones can bop a few out of Wrigley


Ricky Bones is back in the league? And as a hitter?


I see it's 2-1 Giants right now. I'll bet the Cubs will find some lame way to win it in the 8th or 9th.

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"Ricky Bones is back in the league? And as a hitter?"


Jim Rome always referred to Barry Bonds as Bones. I don't if it's a real nickname, or just a Rome thing, but either way, that wasn't a typo! http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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