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Mini-USB Technical Question.




I have several small electronic devices that use mini-USB as their power source. These all come with their own charger, so as of now I have a tangle of what appear to be the same exact cords on my kitchen counter so that I can charge these things.


What I want to know is, are these cords interchangeable? I know that regular USB cords are, but I'm not sure about these things because they seem to have different milliamp ratings. If they are, I could streamline my cords to a gratifying extent.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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hmm, well I think it would be hit and miss. usually a mini-usb cord is meant specifically for it's product, but not always. I suppose that I would probably try some of the cords out and see if they work with the other products.


Are the cell phones and gps still under warranty? if so, you could probably try "safely" try it out, I suppose. Don't take my word for it though. If you don't feel safe "trying" it out, then don't.

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