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After 3 perfect innings featuring 3 K's tonight, his stats on the season are now 19 IP, 21 H, 21 K, 2 BB, 0 HR, 2.84 ERA. Coming into today's game, he also sported a nice 2.56 G/F ratio. Now, this is only over four games, so it's a very small sample, but his height (6'6") is encouraging, though I did see this observation that his listed weight of 185 is unfortunately accurate, or at least was last year:

5. Mike Ramlow - When he was introduced prior to the start of the Championship series with Columbus I couldn't believe how skinny he was. He makes Corey Hart look obese. The WV Power couldn't even find a uniform to fit him.
So that's all I know about him. Has he gained any weight since last season? His height would seem to make him very projectable, and his stats so far this year indicate that he may be growing into his frame. You have to love the 21/2 K/BB ratio, K>IP, no HR allowed. What does he throw, and how does he look?
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Part of which, coincidentally, focuses on finding players that don't have physical attributes that are considered prototypical but evaluating a player based on his statistics. Ramlow's seem to be pretty good.

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Here's my scouting repot on Ramlow when the team was following him as a DFE at this time two years ago. He's yet another name on the rise from a talented DFE class that included Zach Braddock and Taylor Green:


Ramlow is the second of three intriguing, projectable left-handers the Brewers will follow this spring with an athletic and wiry 6'7", 165 pound frame. He was named the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference Player of the Year in 2005 after posting a 7-2 record his freshman season with an ERA just above 1.00. Ramlow's fastball sits in the 89 range, and with his frame he could easily add a few more ticks, and is expected to throw in the low-90s this spring. He also throws a very good curveball and a polished changeup, both of which he throws for strikes, and he has shown a propensity for missing bats. The biggest knock on Ramlow is his stature, given his weight relative to height, although he has worked hard to add strength. His mechanics at this point in time are clean, but given his lanky frame he will need to continue to keep his mechanics in check to avoid injury.


There are a few more comments on Ramlow in the 2005-06 DFE thread (man, I miss the DFE process):



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