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What do you think of UWO?

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It looks as though I will be doing a one-year stint teaching at UW-Oshkosh in 08/09. I'd appreciate any thoughts/opinions/words of wisdom from current students or alumni about the student body, overall campus climate (and by that I mean the vibe, not the weather), facilities, etc. Tell me anything.
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My wife teaches there, PM me if you want some more info that what Im gonna spew out here...


Ok, here goes. UWO is a unique campus. It is the third largest campus in the State behind Madison and Milwaukee. The student body make-up is a bit different. The reason it is the third largest is because it has the largest non-traditional student population in the state. Ive talked to my wife about this and I cant remember exactly what she told me, but Oshkosh almost specializes in meeting the needs of the non-traditional student, and that ups the student body population. The campus is nice, located a stones throw from the Fox River and close to downtown Oshkosh, which is trying its best to become something but the conservative nature of the city's residents is doing its best to keep all business in strip malls near the highway - but that is another rant of mine altogether.


Another interesting note, it is the "greenest campus" in the state in regards to environmentally friendly, and in fact might be the greenest campus in the country, but I could be mistaken about this. The big programs there are the Media, TV, Film, which is fantastic, and nursing. Good athletics, especially track and field and baseball. Jarrod Washburn, Jim Gantner, Terry Jorgenson amongst others as alumni.


Like I said, feel free to PM me or ask follow ups here for more. I didnt attend school there but did grow up in Oshkosh and have recently moved back so know a lot about the city.


What department are you in?

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