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Does LaRussa pick fights with every team?

I was watching sports center last week and they showed the Cards and Astos bench clearing after yet another episode where a Cardinal pitcher beaned a hitter apparantly with purpose. It seems top me La Russa manages to find some sort of fault with every team he faces that can only be sovled by having his pitcher throw at someone. Many people thought LaRussa goaded Yost into a beanball war that got him kicked out of the game last season. After more thought on the subject and his rather long history of that sort of behavior I think it had nothing to do with outmanaging anyone and more to do with his insufferable attitude toward others. I'd think at some point the opposing players as well as his own would get a little sick of someone who never has to worry about actually getting hit by a 90 mph fastball calling for others to get hit on what appears to be a more regualr basis than any other manager in the game. I'm sort of curious if during one of these bench clearings if someone like Prince gets a chance to haymaker LaRussa if they will take it knowing he's usually the one who orders such nonsense to begin with.
There needs to be a King Thames version of the bible.
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