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Time Warner vs AT&T Universal


Anyone have anything good to say about the ATT television options? My new apartment has free basic cable, and also the option of the ATT services. I've had Time Warner and Charter in the past and hate Charter with a passion, and dislike TW pretty strongly as well. Satellite isn't an option, and I'd like to get some info about my choices before I sign up for anything.


What I'm looking for--

Digital HD Cable

DVR is a must

High speed internet

phone doesn't matter, I haven't had a home phone for several years


Thanks in advance for the tips!

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Get AT&T! TWC's HD content flat out is pathetic. The only channel you will lose is of any significance is Mojo but you will gain upwards of 40 more HD channels for less money with AT&T.


Edit: Also, you get more boxes with AT&T and can record more shows at one time on the DVR.

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There's a few disadvantages to UVerse.


1) As of right now, it's 3 SD Streams, 1 HD Stream. Rolling out 2HD Streams 2 SD Streams. That's entire house.


2) HDLite. It's about the equiv of Dish network HD Light. They are rolling out codec updates that are supposed to improve quality, but it's not AS great as it could be. But it's not horrible.


And the only other thing that bugs me, no MLB Extra Innings NOR NHL Center Ice.


But other then those few limitations I like the service. SD Quality is hands down the best I've used.

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