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Tough to swallow. Offensive stats are just that, offensive. Pitching Stats Included.

Out of morbid curiosity, I looked at offensive stats by NL team. Here's how we stack up.


Remember, this is out of 16 teams.


Batting Average: .239 just 8 points above last place SD and 50 points behind Atlanta.


Slugging Percentage: .385 for a team that is supposed to be able to crush the ball, they are well behind the pace set by the .457 D backs. We are in 12th place.


OBP: 12th place. .316, we'd have to go on a hitting streak to catch up to the Pittsburgh Pirates who own the 10 hole at .323. St Louis sits atop the NL at .373 in the NL Central, only Houston trails the Brewers and only by 1 point (.315)


Stolen Bases: 8th with 19. San Fran has 38 to lead all of the NL


K's: 5th.(2way tie for 4th) So far, the closest we've been to the top of the league, and not in a good way. 234 times Milwaukee hitters have K'd. The fewest? Atlanta with 171 Fla has the most with 277.


Base on Balls: Middle of the pack with 116.


Total Bases: 13th place. We are 91 behind front runner Chicago and just 33 above last place SD. We are last in our division.


RBI: 11th, with 139. Chicago is again tops at 185. We lead only the Reds in our division and they have 138.


Home Runs; 9th place. Remember, this team should have some long balls. We have 31, Philly leads all with 50. As far as the Central, we are above only StL. That's right, Pittsburgh is ahead of us too.


Hits? We are dead last in the NL with 272. Chicago again leads the pack, they have 340.


Runs: tied for 12th. The Chicago Cubs are again the front runners with 195. Milwaukee has just 144. We are last in the division.


Take these numbers for what you want. They can be arbitrary as you know, but I think they deserve consideration when asking just what is going on in the Win Loss column right now.




By comparison, I decided to look at Pitching stats to see if it is pitching that is losing games, or if it's hitting. (or, not hitting as it were)


Again, these are team stats for the NL only.


ERA: 14th place. with a 4.60. We lead only Pittsburgh in our division (5.18) and trail the first place Braves by over a run per game (3.51)


Saves: Oddly enough, the Brewers are in 2nd place for the NL at 12. Only St.L has more, with 15. Looking at ALL of baseball, Milwaukee is in third place.


Save Opportunities: 2nd place with 19. Only the Cards have blown more chances than our 7, they have 8 blown saves.


Hits: 11th, with 309. Middle of the division.


Runs: 10th place with 161. In the Central, only the Reds and Pirates have allowed more. First place Atlanta has allowed 120.


Earned Runs: Only the Reds, Rockies, and Pirates have allowed more earnies. While Brewer pitching has given up 153, the Braves who lead the NL have allowed only 111.


Home Runs Allowed: 15th in the National League. Only the Astros have allowed more. They are at 46. We have given up up 41, enough taters to serve a small army. By comparison, the Braves have allowed only 20. Ball Park differences? Sure, but wow.


Walks: 12th place (with some ties in there) 138. 3 teams have allowed more walks than the Crew and last place only has 11 more. The Cards lead the League with just 105. Nobody in the NL Central has allowed more freebies.


Strike Outs: 11th place at 226. Reds pitchers have the top spot for the NL with 272. Last place goes to the Pirates 179. As far as our division goes, we trail in strikeouts to all but Pittsburgh and the Cards.


So in summary, when figuring out if it is hitting or pitching that is to blame, I think I can say they both stink.

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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I find it interesting that this is the 2nd year in a row that the "strength" of the team has disappointed.


Last year, our pitching staff was supposedly our strong spot (yes, I realize this could be argued, too, but I recall many writers, bloggers, posters, etc. stating how much they liked the rotation, pen, and closer for last year's team). To me, they disappointed once you got past the 24-10 start to the year.


This year, our offense was supposed to "carry" this team and, as you noted above, they haven't done even 20% of what we expected of them. Meanwhile the pitching and defense have been "steady" (again, this could be argued, but I'm going to bed.)

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Just as the pitching 'disappointed' after a hot start, I fully expect the offense to regress toward the mean, just as the pitching did in 2007. In this case, that regression just happens to be upwards.


I think the fact that the team is roughly .500 -- with all the crud that brewerjamie highlighted -- should help people keep some optimism. It's not that the team has 'earned' that record, but man, I'll take it. I don't think this team is going to have a much worse month the rest of this season, and we're still right in the mix.

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Man, the Padres must have a bad offense. The Brewers apparently lead them in every offensive category.


I'm not really sure those pitching stats will improve unless the Crew eventually makes a trade for a pretty good SP. Having Bush-Villanueva-Parra all in the rotation at this point is pretty painful. Dave Bush won't be getting any better. Parra has some upside but hasn't proved he can pitch well for more than 4 or 5 innings, and Villanueva has been pretty much the same as Parra in that regard. I'm sure the offense will eventually improve (it has to, right?) but I can't see them making the playoffs unless their offense goes on a tear for the rest of the season or something.

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Man, the Padres must have a bad offense. The Brewers apparently lead them in every offensive category.


None of those stats were ballpark adjusted. Considering that their park plays as the most pitcher-friendly in baseball, it wouldn't surprise me much if the Brewers are actually behind them in a few of those categories.


The Padres do trail the Brewers 82 to 93 in OPS+, which is ballpark adjusted, so it is fair to say that their offense has been worse overall so far this year. The Nats are last, at 81 (but we don't really know how much to park-adjust their numbers yet, since it's a brand new park, so BR seems to be using a multi-year park factor of 100 - dead neutral - this might make the offense look worse than it actually is and the pitching look better than it actually is). Long story short, there are at least a few teams that have been more inept offensively so far.


Not like that's much to write home about, though.

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brewerjamie; that is the first post ever, that makes me want to cry. Maybe it could be moved to the Silver Lining thread, and someone over there can find the good in those rotten stats.http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif



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Yeah, that may be easier on all of us. Let's switch to be D-Backs fans. I'd be less stressful, for sure. Only problem for me is the long trek to AZ. to see a game.

About now, getting away from the Brewers isn't exactly like falling off a bandwagon, it's more like falling off a cliff. A long fall with that sudden reality at the very end of the trip. Whamo. Welcome to painville, brother.

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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The Brewers OPS against by pitcher faced is still hovering right around .700 so it isn't quite as bad as it looks. We are stinking up the joint but considering the number of road games and the OPS of pitchers faced it should be expected that we are struggling.
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