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D3 World Series at Grand Chute - who's going?


I see Kean has made it back again and UW-Whitewater makes the short trip up north to participate. Trinity is unbeaten, though!


Thinking I will shoot up there Friday and/or Sunday.

Last year, I remember it was quite warm but should be decent weather this weekend.

Nice way to spend one day or more of an extended weekend, don't you think?



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I'm sure I'll make it there sometime this weekend. I live in Appleton and it's a nice way to spend a few hours. Listening to the crack of the...ring of the bat and the pop of the mitt. The fact that these players are all doing it for the fun of playing and the joy of competition instead of workign on thier game to get to the next level in the minors is a refreshing change of pace. All in all it really is a pretty decent level of play as well.
There needs to be a King Thames version of the bible.
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Went to Appleton today watching games two and three. UWW won the first tilt and is still alive - GO WARHAWKS!


Second game had Linfield playing Adrian. Linfield was eliminated 3-2 and I found out that 1998 World Series MVP, Scott Brosius, is in his first year of coaching his alma mater ('85-'87) at Linfield.


Last game of the day, in the winner's bracket had undefeated Trinity defeating Johns Hopkins 8-5.

The weather cooperated - we arrived at 3:30 and the sun popped out at about 4:30 and clouded up and got somewhat windy after that. Around 8pm some sprinkles came down. All in all a nice way to spend the day!

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What Linfield is that? There's one near where I live in the Pacific NW... just curious. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

I'm sure that's the one. It's in McMinnville, Oregon. I'm told it is about 90 minutes south of Portland.


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