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My mock evaluation...

Well, it looks like I certainly am no Jack Z.


Out of my mock draft, it seems I went 0-for-6. It appears the only two players drafted were taken by Oakland - Jemile Weeks at #12 overall (four ahead of the Brewers), and Preston Paramore, a switch-hitting catcher with awesome OBP skills, at #90 (I had him as one of the second-round picks).


Gutierrez, St. Clair, Hunter, and Kyle Long were not drafted yet. So, I may get a chance to see them in a Brewers uniform, but this was certainly a humbling experience.

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Gutierrez got taken in the first round by Minnesota, in a bit of a shocker.


My mock draft:

16 - Josh Fields, RHP (Georgia)

Went #20 to the Mariners. In retrospect, this was not a very wise pick to project Jack Z to make.


32 - Eric Thames, OF (Pepperdine)

Tore his quad and didn't get selected in first six rounds. I think he'll be a steal for someone. Was #90 on BA's list (pre-injury).


35 - Brett Lawrie, C (British Columbia HS)

Rocketed up boards and was rumored to go as high as seventh overall. Nailed this one, just didn't realized how high he would rise.


53 - Chris Carpenter, RHP (Kent State)

Went #97 to the Cubs. #61 on BA's list.


54 - Brett Hunter, RHP (Pepperdine)

I knew he'd fall because of injury, but he did come back at the end of the year; nobody bit, though, and he makes the second Pepperdine player I mocked to go undrafted. Stupid Pepperdine. #51 on BA's list.


62 - Jordan Danks, OF (Texas)

Undrafted, and I'm not sure why. #86 on BA's list.


94 - Scott Gorgen, RHP (UC-Irvine)

Went #125 to the Cardinals; ranked #183 on BA's list. I still think he's going to be good and is being unjustly knocked for his size. Best changeup in the draft.


I also mentioned taking Josh Lindblom at #62, and he went #61 to the Dodgers. Much better than most of my actual picks!

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