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04/19/87 Brewers Classic: The "Easter Sunday Game"


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Texas Rangers -- Milwaukee Brewers


1. O McDowell CF -- 1. P Molitor 3B

2. S Fletcher SS -- 2. R Yount CF

3. P O'Brien 1B -- 3. G Braggs RF

4. P Incaviglia LF -- 4. G Brock 1B

5. R Sierra RF -- 5. C Cooper DH

6. L Parrish DH -- 6. R Deer LF

7. D Slaught C -- 7. B Surhoff C

8. S Buechele 3B -- 8. J Gantner 2B

9. J Browne 2B -- 9. D Sveum SS


J Guzman P -- M Birkbeck P

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Rob Deer and Dale Sveum = the salve for my Badger wound tonight.


I appreciate that the Texas announcers said so little in the immediate aftermath of those two home runs, letting the pictures (and the crowd noise) tell the story. I either never realized or had long forgotten that the Brewers' 12th win was also the 9th loss in a row for the Rangers.


Part of me enjoyed seeing Mitch Williams pout in the dugout after he was removed from the game - sporting that little baby mullet of his. Could be worse, Mitch - some day you could be a Cub.


Back on 4/19/1987, I was at my mom's house for Easter (heading back to college soon after) and we had the radio on. I remember jumping up and down and whooping on my mom's back porch during that glorious bottom of the ninth.


After the game I thought quickly enough to pop in a Radio Shack cassette in my brother's Radio Shack stereo (guess what Monroe's primary source of retail electronics was?) to record part of Pat Hughes' 10th Inning Show, so I actually have the 9th inning highlights. I can recite most of it by heart (including Pat's comments) and more often than not it brings a tear to my eye.


That was a seriously special day. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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I just saw the broadcast on DVR, and it was absolutely AMAZING. I have special memories of that day because it was the first time I had ever seen a baseball game outside Milwaukee.


My family and I were at Three Rivers Stadium watching the Pirates and Phillies. Some rookie named Bonds was the leadoff hitter for the Pirates. It was also the day after Mike Schmidt's 500th HR (we just missed it by one day)


During batting practice in Pittsburgh, we saw This Week in Baseball on the jumbotron and it was all about the Brewers and their hot start. My brother and I were decked out in Brewers clothing and we were hooting and hollering like crazy. Everyone was looking at us and smiling.



After the Pirates game ended, we looked at the scoreboard one last time and it said Texas 4, Milwaukee 1, 9th inning. We figured the streak was over and left the ballpark for the one hour drive back to my uncle's house.


Around 10:30 at night, we found out through ESPN SportsCenter what had happened back home at County Stadium and we all were yelling and screaming at my uncle's house. It was just a miracle. We were in absolute shock.


My uncle was sleeping because he had to go to work the next day and he woke up and ran into the room to see why we were yelling and celebrating. He got so scared by all the noise. But later he understood.


Anyway, it was fun to actually see the whole game for the first time. Although I had seen the clips of Deer and Sveum's homerun a million times, it was cool to get into the flow of the game and live and die with the crowd. The atmosphere was just electric and I truly wish I could have been there.


Wow, I am still juiced up right now.




12-0 BABY !!!!

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