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Let me first start off by saying Im not a huge Ned Yost fan,but I'm getting better.I have no idea why when we have runnners on first and third he likes to run that little league play where he sends the guy on first and he stops gets in a run down so the guy can score from third.I agree there are some times to try this late in a game down bye one run with some speed on the base pads with two outs.With Mench on third an Prince on first, one out with Jenks at the plate.DOWN BYE TWO RUNS WITH ONE OUT COME ON NED! There I'm better now.



Now to tonights line up. I never thought I would ever see Counsell,Weeks,Graffy,Miller,Mench and Hall who hasnt seen major league pitching in about a month in the same line up.Just seems like with Soup( whos .ERA is about 7.00 since may 10th) on the mound the brewers could use a little offense out there.


Just seems Mr. Ned Yost didn't give the Brewers the best chance to win tonight.



Sorry if this should be in vent thread kind of a tweener .It did'nt start off in my head as a vent thread ,but after reading it I guess it kinda got there.

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The line up pretty much said, "I give this game to the Reds". We finally got out full line up back and he puts that crap on the field. Yosted


even thinking about doing a hit and run with Jenkins up who Ks a lot, Prince on 1st and a slow Mench at 3rd is plain stupid. He ran them right out of that inning and any chance for them to make a come back. Yosted.



oh, and IBTL

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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