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Clayton Kershaw getting moved?

This isn't Brewers related at all, but why would the Dodgers trade Kershaw, he is the best pitcher in their system, and they would be stupid to give him up for anyone.




from mlbtraderumors.com


Dodgers fans following phenom southpaw Clayton Kershaw's start tonight may have been disappointed. The 19 year-old was pulled after just one inning. Conspiracy theorists have already established that Kershaw must be involved in a trade.


Usually I'm quick to contribute to any conspiracy, but I decided to take a few minutes to listen to the Great Lakes Loons broadcast instead. Turns out that the plan all along was to have Kershaw pitch just one inning - this plan was outlined before the game started. Apparently the Dodgers sent down this directive to keep Kershaw's innings count down this year. After all, this is Kershaw's first full pro season.


You could call BS on the Dodgers and insist Kershaw is headed to Oakland in a Joe Blanton deal. After all, there had to be some kind of party line for the announcer to use to explain the one-inning stint. But if he really had been traded, why let him pitch at all? Why not just scratch him and say he has the flu?


Kershaw might be the best pitching prospect in all of baseball right now. He's definitely the top lefthander. Most likely, the Dodgers are just being careful with him.


Additionally, I'm still trying to track down why Mets prospect Fernando Martinez was pulled from tonight's game after one at-bat. But I do know he recently came off the DL for a right hand contusion, so taking it easy with him is entirely reasonable.


One more for you: apparently Philip Humber was supposed to start tonight for the Zephyrs after being scratched Friday for food poisoning. Adam Bostick started instead, but I'm not sure why.

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I know the Dodgers were rumored to be looking at Tex, but with the recent trade between the Rangers and Braves it gets me wondering what they could be doing. If he is regarded as that good of a prospect he himself could drive alot for the Dodgers who as well are in the "win now" mode.
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The guy the Dodgers would be dealing Kershaw for is Joe Blanton.


"88.6% of all statistics are made up right there on the spot" Todd Snider


-Posted by the fan formerly known as X ellence. David Stearns has brought me back..

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I'm flabbergasted that the A's turned down the proposed deal the Dodgers offered for Blanton. The Dodgers offered Andy LaRoche, Jonathan Meloan (the next Papelbon in my opinion), and one more minor league pitcher, all for a durable innings eater with not much upside. Is that what it's going to take to get a pitcher like that? You're forfeiting your whole future for a guy like Blanton, which is bad no matter how you look at it. If Kershaw was part of the deal and the A's still balked, Billy Beane must be out of his mind. Kershaw is the minors' top lefty pitching prospect.
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