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What would it take to get Dunn and Harang?

I happen to like Harang a lot (even before last night) and think he'd be a great piece to our rotation.


Would kind of package could we put together to get both guys that doesn't cripple us in the future?



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Well the cost may go up considering how beneficial it would be to us to weaken the Reds for the rest of the year, but I imagine it would be a hefty price, and I have my doubts that trading for a starting pitcher at this point makes the team better over the next 2-3 years. The more age and experience we add the more difficult it is to keep all the good slightly younger players just starting to enter arby.
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Harang may prove to be a throwback to another era but he pitches an incredible amount of innings every year and could be the most abused pitcher in baseball. It hasn't seemed to affect him yet but I'm not sure how much more he has in the tank. That being said I've liked him since early last year.


To get him and Dunn your parting with Gwynn, Villaneuva, and probably a top notch prospect like Inman or Jeffress, and one or two more 2nd tier prospects like Zach Jackson. Even that likely wouldn't be enough.


That being said our chances of winning it all would dramatically improve if we could pull something like this off.

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The Reds will move Dunn for peanuts. He has a no trade clause if they pick up his option and they don't get picks if they don't. Unless they think this season is a fluke and next year they'll be contenders (ha!) Dunn should be moved since he isn't they type of player who you want in his mid 30s when your team might get good again.
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[ The Reds will move Dunn for peanuts. ]


From jul 20:


The problem is that the Reds' asking price so far has been too steep. They've asked that top hitting prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia be included in the trade, and the Braves don't want to deal Saltalamacchia, who may be their regular first baseman for the rest of the season.


*insert joke about Salty peanuts*

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while I would love to have harang, and wouldn't mind having Dunn,

the package would have to be on the order of:





Gross (just to fill in this year)

Best RH-hitting OF prospect in the organization.


Harang is a true ace.


Dunn+Harang= quarter ton* of fun.


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