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What About (Joe) Nathan

Was on Foxsports.com and thier rumor mill and saw that MN might move Nathan as Pat Neshek is being talked up as the next Closer for MN.. Says that Nathan may be moved for another bat and the savings could be used on signing Santana long term... Wondering if a Deal of Mench, Jackson and Sarfate would be enough For Nathan and A+/AA prospect


edit: added Nathan's first name

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Wondering if a Deal of Mench, Jackson and Sarfate would be enough


You have to remember that when Nathan is a free agent and signs with a new team - the team that loses him will get two comp picks at the end of round one in the MLB draft.


If you offered me Mench, Jackson, and Sarfate or two first round draft picks - I would take the picks every day of the week.


In other words - Minnesota would be much better of just letting him walk and getting "nothing" in return. We would have to add way more to the package than that.

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Actually, Nathan is signed for 2008 for $6 million. Thats a bargain, and drives his price up. I'm interested, but I dont think we have a match. The Twins need a legit hitter.


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Per 999555999...


What do you think of


MIN Gets






MIL Gets


Joe Nathan


MIL gets to fortify the bullpen, and there closer for next year. MIN gets 3 young advanced hitters, what they wanted for Nathan.

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Except Nathan would probably cost a top 10 prospect. This is a pitcher who is as lights out as they come. K-Rod is about as close as they come, and the only team with a decent chance with prospects and a true need at closer would be the Tigers, who would be forced to OVERPAY, to the tune of Maybin+a pitching prospect. I'd love to add Nathan, but I'm not sacrificing Inman/Yo/Jeffress, nor supplementing Braun for Yo. I just don't see a match for us.
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Your going to have to start with Inman or Jeffress and build a package around them to get a guy like Nathan.


Jeffress, Gwynn, and Jackson might get it done. I think it's a realistic offer for him. Not sure I'd want to do it but it's realistic.

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