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Giles or Crawford??? Affordable Big Deals


Brian Giles- limited no trade, remaining deal would be for 11 million in 2007, 11 million in 2008, and team option for same in 2009. I believe if he is traded, a clause in his contract moves it from 9 to 11 for all three years. The guy walks, good for our number 3 hitter before Fielder and Hall. He makes contact and will hit for more power at Miller Park.(Mench, Davis-Woody Williams got away,Turnbow)

Carl Crawford- 4 million in 2007, 5.25 in 2008, 8.25 in 2009, and 10 million option in 2010(same as above, throw in top pitching prospect/ cash, if needed, not Yo)


The Brewers and Mark A. line is that they want to be competitive on a yearly basis. Great plan. However, if you are the Milwaukee Brewers and other low revenue clubs, it is more and more looking like these clubs have to really take a shot for a four or five year period. There is simply too much money out there, especially in the Brewers division to compete yearly with Houston, St. Louis, and Chicago. Granted that means trading some top prospects, the Brewers shot a 2007, 2008, 2009,2010, 2011- the Weeks and Fielder years. Building up and tearing down like a less harsh Marlins style, might be the only way for us to do this. So, if that means trading away some youth to get us a Crawford or Giles, or picking up a Schmidt, maybe we should really look into it. Hey, we have to start competing for the Wild Card at least, now! Our window is closing.

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