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Gagne to Red Sox (final per Olney)

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Wow, that's a heckuva lot to give up for 2 months of Gagne. Gabbard's been a pretty solid starter for the Red Sox so far this year and Murphy looks like a nice player. I've seen reports calling Beltre a 5-tool outfielder, too, even though he's only 17.


I guess it's worth it to Boston to keep him away from the Yankees...between a healthy Gagne, Okajima, and Papelbon, they're going to be awfully hard to beat in the last 3 innings.


I shudder to think about what the Rangers were asking of the Brewers before the Red Sox stepped up with this offer. I don't think Gwynn and Turnbow would've gotten this done.

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Wow, that's a heckuva lot to give up for 2 months of Gagne.


Melvin was quoted on JSOnline as saying Texas made a good trade getting two guys going right to the major league roster.


For what it's worth, the story also indicates that Texas GM Jon Daniels "was seriously considering our offer" of Gwynn, Zach Jack and possibly another minor leaguer.

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