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Mass Haas Wants to Tailgate, Toss a Beanbag or Two

Mass Haas

Wow, I can't believe it'll be almost exactly ten years since my last (and only prior) visit to Miller Park.


My first game was this pretty amazing Saturday battle with the Red Sox.


Among the many recollections from that game:


- Rickie Weeks was in town, having just been drafted, and was being interviewed on the field for TV.


- The one-and-only Jim Powell, appreciative of our early "Link Report" efforts, hosted my traveling party in the radio booth post-game, and we were in the booth as he did the postgame live. Awesome lifetime memory.


- Having no idea where our hotel was (as we failed to take a hotel business card) and racking up a huge cab bill until we figured it out. It was in one of those "W" indian name towns you have so many of...


Also, what is not mentioned in the game story is that reliever Jayson Durocher had a "uniform malfunction" in the crotch area and basically ran into the dugout to pull his broken jock off and up from above his belt. He then promptly surrendered the Kevin Millar grand slam upon his return to the mound.


It was actually one of the wildest games I've ever seen, in person or not.


The Sunday game we saw totally sucked.




Well, it looks like I may have picked the wrong year to return, but I'll be in attendance (along with my cousin Tom) Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon against the A's on June 4th and 5th. I'm all set with tickets, and hotel (much closer), thanks.


One thing we didn't get to experience last time was a roof open game, hoping for at least one, but more importantly, the tailgate experience. We've tailgated for football, but baseball tailgating is most definitely not a New England tradition.


So if you're willing to be entertained by a thick Boston accent (although I don't hear it) while we hang out with you for a bit (we won't overstay our welcome), I'm not much of a drinker so I won't kill your budget that way, but despite a slight build, I'm definitely a carnivore, so I'm up for an invite. If I can toss a beanbag or two, all the better. The night game, the day game, both ( ;)), we'd be thrilled.


You don't need to be a Minor League guru to host us (no need to know who southpaw Brian Adams was vs. draft bust Cody Adams vs. now Phillie Mike Adams -- gee, that was just the first "A" example I came up with, won't go through the whole alphabet).


I guess the easiest way to reach me would be via my Brewerfan email account, which I hope won't be home to spambots now, but give me a shout-out at "jgoulart (at) brewerfan.net".


Once I find host buddies, we'll trade cell phone texts so we can find each other Tuesday late afternoon / Wed. late morning. Hope this works out, if not, I completely understand. Still looking forward to a great time despite the Brewers' current plight.


Thanks guys (and gals), especially any long-time Link Report readers seeing this. When (and if) I have "reservations", I'll post that here so folks know I was able to find some hospitality.


And special thanks to hawing (Laura) of Brewerfan fame, who we will be enjoying the game with on Tuesday night.


--Jim G.

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Because of the distance of the hawing commute to MP, the SO and I are unable to provide Mass Haas with the tailgate experience he and Tom warrant. However, if you're a well-wisher* who'll be at Tuesday's (6/4) game and want to stop by to say hello, PM me and I'll share our seat location. We'll be in a section where the ushers usually check ticket stubs, so if I know you might visit, I can alert our usher (who is himself a Brewerfan lurker).



*Yes, a well wisher, in that you don't wish Jim any specific harm. ;)

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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I just followed the link to the "pretty amazing Saturday battle" and we were at that game too. I'd brought a group of my student employees and we were hoping to get the giveaway clock, but they were all gone by the time we reached the gate. I'd only been a Brewerfan member for a month or so, thus the significance of Jim's presence was lost on me.


*shaking fist at Mike DeJean, just because*

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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Mass, I hope you had a good time. I'm sure you've covered this before but how did you become a Brewer fan in the first place?
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He seemed to have a good time Tuesday with these people he met through the Internet. Sounds so, so creepy when you put it like that.


There is a story to the genesis of his Brewers fandom, but I'll let him chime in with it.

Yeah, I'm definitely curious.

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I've heard the story, but I forgot. :) Methinks his username might have something to do with it.

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

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