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Smith suspension reduced to 6 games (post 27)

i thought pine tar ejections was an automatic 10 game suspension


I guess it wasn't pine tar, but rosin + vaseline?



It was bullfrog sunscreen and rosin.


This rule needs to be changed now. Come up with a universal substance that all pitchers can use and end this charade.


I find it ridiculous that we know most pitchers use something to get a better grip on the ball (usually Bullfrog and rosin), and yet we act shocked when someone gets caught because they weren't "discreet" enough.


For those not familiar, here's an article from Jeff Passan about Bullfrog and rosin from when this was a big deal two years ago with Clay Buchholz.



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Wonder why Matusz lost his and is serving 8 games and Will's got reduced to 6?

Sounds like they accepted the argument that Smith made about how many games he would actually miss based on his current usage. The suspensions will probably work out to the same number of pitched games missed, but Matusz will loose two more game checks.

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