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Josh Bell


Assuming a DH in the NL is implemented, Josh Bell should be a top trade candidate in my opinion. There are multiple reasons for this:

-The Nats aren’t going to contend for at least a year

- he is a switch hitter to provide balance to the lineup

- he won’t cost a ton $ or prospect-wise

- good power and decent K rate make him what this lineup needs.


The Nats could give Huira a chance at full time playing during a rebuilding season and a Huira/Bell swap makes a good basis for a trade to

both teams

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Why are so many people assuming the DH is coming to the NL? I haven't seen any reports that it's even under consideration.


Both sides want it the universal DH.. It is going to happen with this CBA.

Owners/ Clubs: to protect the big investments made in SP

MLBPA: create 15 spots for Bat only players (generally older vet types).


The National League is the only remaining baseball league where the pitchers are required to hit on a regular basis..

No other place in the minors, college, foreign league require its pitchers to regularly hit

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I've held myself a baseball traditionalist and applauded the Brewers going to the National League...but even I've given up and want the DH. I'm surprised it didn't happen last year, but I'm sure they wanted it as a bargaining chip for the CBA discussions.
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I've held myself as a baseball traditionalist and loved the Brewers moving to the NL, too.... and I HATE the ideal of the DH and all of Manfred's other stupid ideas about changing baseball rules (the ghost runner in extra innings, pitch clocks, consider banning the shift, 3-batter minimum for relievers, etc. -- and ESPECIALLY the disingenuous idea of minimizing the length of the 2020 season and a handful of other things that have done nothing but alienate the players).


Manfred was a good 1st lieutenant to Commissioner Selig. As a leader himself, he's nothing but an idiot and a fool.... Bud got incorrigible owners to work together and was a master at consensus building, working behind the scenes to get to smooth, good endings with the players every negotiation.


Manfred is just plain clueless and his approach shows he just doesn't get it. He's so concerned about changing rules in the spirit of chasing the attention of the 20- and 30-somethings, yet he foolishly & myopically kills an interesting offseason with a lockout that, if it goes on for a significant length of time, risks pushing fans away permanently AGAIN. . . . If the players don't bargain in good faith, then that's on them, not Manfred. I get that neither side could/should be negotiating against themselves with no meaningful counteroffers. But in the end, the key to solving every labor stoppage has always been to get back to keeping talking until you figure it out. Stupid Manfred keeps blowing things up and seems completely clueless about the impact of his actions.


I'm not an apologist or advocate for the players or the owners. Never have been, never will be. I can't stand Manfred. And back on topic, I hate the universal DH even though I'm inclined to think Josh Bell would make a nice addition. Sorry to hijack the thread to rant.

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