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All these guys have their warts.

Chafin has the longest track record of success (58 ERA- over his last 126 IP) but apparently teams aren’t buying it (89 xFIP- over those same 126 IP) or he’d be signed by now.

Moore had a nice “breakout” season as a reliever, whoa a 50 ERA-. But that 74 FIP- makes it look like there was some luck involved and the 98 xFIP- makes it look like there was a lot of luck involved.

Britton has the highest ceiling if he gets that sinker back, but with his age/injury history it’s gotta be pretty long odds at this point.

Will Smith is & always will be the Fresh Prince of the Bullpen, but I’m not sure he’s a high leverage arm anymore at 89 ERA- | 104 FIP- | 98 xFIP- over his last 127 IP.

If the front office decides to roll the dice on any of these guys I’ll trust they have their reasons, but I’m not sure they clear the Brewers threshold for out-of-options relievers. 

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Good points, thanks for posting the stats. I'd be happy with Chafin or Moore (Moore I like better). The advanced stats like xFIP are all priced in now because there isn't a single FO left that believes ERA is king. I'll take those warts over the worst guy in our bullpen currently. 

I tried to log in on my iPad. Turns out it was an etch-a-sketch and I don't own an iPad. Also, I'm out of vodka.
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