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Wake up team...we just got routed by....PITTSBURGH


This team needs to wake up from the malaise they are in. It seems like whenever this team gains some momentum at home, they go out on the road for a week or week and a half and totally stink up the joint, and give away whatever gains they made on a good homestand.


If this team wants to win the division, they need to start playing better on the road, period. They're not gonna win 30 out of 40 at Miller Park in the second half..that kind of pace just doesnt seem doable over a 162 game season.


At 18-24, this club now has the fifth worst road record in the NL. I thought that winning on the road was supposed to be a focal point this season !?!?!?!

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This might just be a vent, but the last road trip the Crew went 5-4 versus the Rangers, Tigers and Twins, and won both of the last two series against the real tough teams. I am unhappy with the loss, but not embarrassed.


The Pirates are not a 60 - 102 type of team anymore.

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I expected 2 wins, we got 1 win, it really is not the end of the world. This team will be lucky to go .500 on the road, they aren't much better than a .500 team and they aren't good on the road. The key is just not to get swept and to win a road series here and there.


Now if you seriously expected the team to win 3 games on the road your expectations were at fault. No team realistically expects to win 3 of 4 on the road against anyone, especially not in a park where they dont' generally play well.

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At 18-24, this club now has the fifth worst road record in the NL.


And at 30-13 they have the best home record in the NL.


Heck, with the way the Brewers have been on the road in the past, 18-24 isn't so bad.


Like they say, win at home and try to go .500 on the road. Six under is close enough for me.


And in all honesty, the way they play at home, I don't see why they can't go about 25-13 at home the rest of the way, which would put them at 55-26 at home, plenty to cover their road play.


Look at it this way too, say they go 22-16 the rest of the way at home, that's still 51-30, and hopefully they can pull off atleast 16-23, so 34-47 on the road the rest of the season, that puts them at 85-77, which I would think would put them on top of the division.




Loud noises?

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Yeah, Snell and Gorzellany are two of the best pitchers in the division. They also caught LaRoche getting hot, and he's a great hitter when he's hot.


It's not a big deal, I think a split would have been nice and a reasonable request, but it's not the end of the world.

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