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Sickels on Michael Brantley

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I hadn't looked back at Mickey Brantley's stats until Sickels linked to them. What's odd is how different father and son appear to be as players. Mickey, presumably drafted out of college, didn't start in pro ball until he was 22; Mike is (for the moment) in AA at 20. Mickey's low OBP, despite some adequate batting averages, was his undoing as a player; Mike is an OBP machine. MIckey, as Sickels pointed out, had decent power; Mike, to this point, doesn't. Both guys did hit for good averages in the minors and had some speed, although son appears to be ahead of father in both of those categories.


Obviously it's too early to know what kind of MLB player, if any, Mike is going to be, but the contrasts with his dad to this point are interesting. With a little luck, Mike will turn out to be Mickey with a .400 OBP and a steeper development curve.



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Can't really say too much about his defense, but I think he has a much higher ceiling then our other leadoff prospect who happens to be the son of a major leaguer. His extra base hit rate this season would project out to about 40-50 over the course of a major league season which is certainly respectable, and he has a lot of time to add more power to boot.
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