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8/5/07 Phillies (Eaton) @ Brewers (Suppan) - 1:05pm CT


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That's all the time I have this morning.. heading to the park for some BP and Bobblehead action.

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I will be there today, section 127. Last night was an awesome win, don't let us down today 'crew!


Soup, my friends from Cali came to see you pitch. Put up some zeros! http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif

"When a piano falls on Yadier Molina get back to me, four letter." - Me, upon reading a ESPN update referencing the 'injury-plagued Cardinals'
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Getting a win today to put some pressure on the Cubs tonite would be nice. Lets start building up that lead again. Hopefully, the Cubs spent so much energy catching us and were so happy to have finally caught, they'll start falling back.
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