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The Brewers' All-Stars after the all-star break.


Here are the numbers for the guys since July 13th (through 8/6):


Prince Fielder:

106 PA's, .297 ba .396 obp .527 slg .923 ops 4 home runs

*OPS before the all-star game- .996


JJ Hardy:

94 PA's, .227 ba .269 obp .273 slg .542 ops 0 home runs

*OPS before the all-star game- .833


Francisco Cordero:

12 IP, 4.50 ERA, 12 Ks, 2 losses, 7 saves

*ERA before the all-star game- 2.86


Ben Sheets:

3.1 IP, 2.70 ERA, 3 Ks

*ERA before the all-star game- 3.41


I just thought it would be interesting to see how the all-stars were doing after the break. Small sample size caveats definitely apply. I'm not trying to show anything one way or another, I was just curious how they were all doing.


Anyway, the Brewers are 11-14 after the break compared to 49-39 before it. They were scoring 4.9 runs per game before the break and are scoring 4.4 after. They were giving up 4.4 runs before the break and are giving up 5.2 after.


As for the 4 all-stars, Prince's home run pace has slowed considerably, but he is getting on base at a great clip and hitting for a good average and good slugging percentage. JJ is totally and completely in the tank and has been since before the break. Cordero has had a bit of a rough time, but not really too bad, all things considered. Sheets is (obviously) injured.

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It is truly amazing (as it has been discussed in other threads) how much J.J. has dropped off since May. He has barely hit a lick.


Small samples surely apply, interesting to say the least. I am hoping that J.J. gets hot down the stretch to kind of even out some of the sub-par performances we are getting from him.


Coco I am afraid is tired. I think he will blow his share of leads going forward, but hopefully nothing like Turnbow of last year. It would be nice to use Linebrink every once in awhile in a save situation.


Fielder, hits homers in bunches, and it appears he is starting to ramp up a bit. Go get him-big boy!!


Sheets, hopefully will be well rested. It is a shame, I really thought he could have won 18 games or more this year. A strong Sheets for September can only be a plus.

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I realized JJ had dropped off significantly since about early June...


but man... .227 in the last month or so since the ASG. Wow. Those are Weeks-like numbers. Lucky JJ had that hot start or we could be looking at a Counsellino middle IF.

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A .269 OBP for Hardy since the AS Break is really making him the poster boy for the offensive troubles. If Hart doesn't get on, JJ's is an almost automatic out and then Braun hits another solo homer. 1-0. I have seen that too much lately.


I really was hoping that after that Saturday night game against Cole Hamels (2 RBI Double), JJ would start to bust out a bit.


I would say the law of averages must turn around for him.


Coco too, but what scares me with him, is that he saved sooo many games early on where he got lucky that the law of averages are turning on him too. I still feel he won't go Turnbow on us. That was the most awesome display of "losing it" that I have ever seen. I don't care to see that again.

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Since the all star break...


Braun - 1.064

Fielder - .924

Jenkins - .859

Hart - .800

Mench - .722

Counsell - .686

Grafannino - .626

Estrada - .604

Hardy - .542

Weeks - .530

Hall - .528

Miller - .407


There are a lot of holes in that lineup right now, if Braun hadn't come up this offense would be anemic.

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