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Chris CRAPuano to get another start-----WHY????????


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"Crapuano," huh? Did you make that up yourself? As a good guy at the very least, I think he deserves more respect than that.


At any rate, I'm OK with him getting one more. I'm not sold there's a much more viable option right now.

When I first thought of Crapuano, I thought I was the originator of it, but when I went to post about it in a thread, it had been used b4 I could write it. So, no, I didn't originate it.

("b4" instead of "before" = AOL Speak --1992)

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I think one more start is reasonable. I mean he was your 18GM winner and All-Star not too long ago. Granted he's flat out been horrible since, but nonetheless. If Maddux doesn't think he turn Cappy around, then I think he should be dealt during the off-season. A change of scenery could do him change. I think hes a guy who could post about a 3.60-4.20ERA with about 180K if he gets it figured out. And he's young enough so he could figure it out yet, wether or not that'll be with us though..


but we got Parra, Gallardo, and Villanuava who could be slots in the rotation next season, though I would perfer that Villanueva remain in the BP. I think he could be excellent in there for years to come.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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