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Inman has been outstanding, What does he all throw?

The numbers are impressive. I was just wondering what he all thows. My understanding is he throws low 90's. What goes with that change, curve, slider? What is considered his out pitch?

Looking forward to watching his next jump. Maybe we can get pogokat to take a road trip with his camera so we can get a look at Inman http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

Thanks for any input

Thanks pogokat for the video of Jeffress

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To be honest, I was surprised he was placed in A+. Reid Nichols is more conservative than the previous regime, I guess. I remember Mike Jones jumping to AA at the same age, despite less success. I fully expected Inman to jump to AA. It really seems that it's more of a pitch count thing, as I think the lower minors have more roster spots which allows for lower pitch counts.


I want Will in AA to see him hit!

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