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Mariano Rivera - Is it possible?


We are likely going to lose Cordero and Linebrink to free agency.


Supposedly the Yankees are going to have a new closer next year as Mariano Rivera is getting old. They have Joba right now - and could bring in a big name free agent like Cordero yet.


So what happens to Mariano Rivera?


He isn't quite as dominant as he once was - but still has a few good years in him. Plus I would imagine switching to the NL would really help extend his life. The NL Central isn't quite as difficult as the AL East.


Is there ANY chance the Brewers would try to go after him? He would certainly bring post season experience to our young player - and maybe help stablize our bullpen. How much is he going to ask for?

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and that he would want nothing to do with Milwaukee...

Until Rivera says that, statements like this are pure conjecture. I'll admit with everyone else that the odds that Mariano Rivera ends up a Brewer are microscopic. But nothing's a sure thing in this respect. Lots still has to unfold.


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honestly, I could see some free agents look at the situation that Milwaukee is in for the next handful of seasons (young, good players that have unmentionable levels of talent) and would at least consider signing here.


That said, Rivera will retire a Yankee. That'd be my guess, at least.

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I can't stress enough, and I know that most won't agree with me, but Rivera, Guerrero, Ramirez, Thome, Zito, etc...


PLAYERS like that DON'T want to come to the Brewers. I'm sorry, but it will never happen, he is a big-market guy, who wants big money, it is ridiculous to think that the Brewers could get him. In fact, even if the Brewers did offer him the most money, he still might not come because Milwaukee isn't very attractive.


It's the sad truth.

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Not every "big market guy" is determined to stay in a big market simply because it's a big market. If the Brewers offer him the best contract, there's no reason to think that he wouldn't come here. That said, if the Brewers let go of Cordero because his price is too high, I can't imagine that they would fork over enough to get Mo.

On the other hand, the person who started this thread made a good point...his career could likely be extended by a stint in the NL Central. And for him, that would mean a longer contract and, in the long run, more money.

If he is looking for a big market (cause he's a "big market guy) with an NL team (to extend his career), I would think he would be more likely to join another team in our division, a team with a consistently woeful bullpen...and I shudder to speak the name of the team that I'm thinking about...

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PLAYERS like that DON'T want to come to the Brewers. I'm sorry, but it will never happen, he is a big-market guy, who wants big money, it is ridiculous to think that the Brewers could get him.
I don't honestly think we have any chance of Rivera. I am merely pointing out that his days with the Yankees might be done - and he will be looking for another team.


As for your notion that players of his caliber aren't interested in Milwaukee, I think it is a little naive to expect it to remain that way indefinitely. Players want money and to win. If the Brewers are able to show themselves as legitimate contenders and offer them the most money - I think we can have a realistic chance of signing anyone. (Granted Zito didn't want to come here - but he is a bit of a vegetarian hippie)


The fact that Milwaukee may not be the most exciting town to live is pointless - half the season you spend on the road. So you are only in Milwaukee for a little while. We have a great stadium. (And roof) You could also argue that you wouldn't have as many marketing opportunities as the big cities - but we have pretty good attendance and television ratings. Are we the Cubs or Yankees? No - but we are a FAR ways from the Pirates too.

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Sadly, I just saw a little blurb in SI where they polled MLB players for their Least Favorite City to Vist on the Road, and Milwaukee came out on top...so I don't think it's just a perception among the fans that players aren't excited about Milwaukee (the city, at least).


I do think, though, that the signing of Jeff Suppan probably showed a lot of players that the team is serious about spending money and winning. I could see a big name player coming to the Brewers, in the hopes of winning a championship with a young, dynamic team...maybe some like a Ken Griffey Jr. could possibly fit in that mold (granted, Cincinatti isn't a huge market either).

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