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A mea culpa of sorts

Brent Sirvio



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I did get pretty well dragged for last week's edition of The Weekly, wherein I suggested the Brewers' ability to develop catchers is at least overstated. Almost immediately after the post went live and I went to re-read it, I wished I were able to devote more time to developing it. Focus, assembly, delivery, all aspects were lacking. That's on me. For that, I apologize. Mea culpa.

I stand by the premise -- that if Omar Narvaez is the latest model coming off the catching assembly line, perhaps we should be taking a harder look at whether or not that's a blueprint worth retaining or a production system above reproach -- but I do not stand by the presentation. 

There's a stronger case to be made than the one that was offered, and I didn't deliver that to you. I hope this week's edition and beyond show stronger resolve to delivering compelling, thoughtful, if not provocative work. Thank you for reading.



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I think a broad point is that Narvaez, by design, is an imperfect catcher. He hits RHP relatively well and when paired with a catcher who hits LHP well then the Brewers get good production from the catcher spot. Combining two imperfect catchers through platoon splits is usually better and more efficient than spending $20+ million on Realmuto - if Realmuto would even consider Milwaukee as a destination. We can’t devote 20% of our payroll to a catcher.

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There's a reason why the Brewers were able to acquire Narvaez for basically a nothingburger prospect and a pick. He has limitations, and was considered poor defensively. But most catchers have limitations. In fact, considering Narvaez's defensive improvement, I really don't think there are more than 4-5 catchers in all of MLB I'd take over him. That doesn't mean he's really a stud. What it does mean is that there just aren't that many stud catchers out there right now. 

Narvaez is a solid starting catcher on a playoff-caliber team. He isn't going to put up superstar numbers, but he isn't going to hurt you with the bat or in the field either. And that has a lot of value. 

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