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Could Jackson Chourio debut in 2023?

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With the recent promotion on MLB pipelines top 100, jumping from number 6 to number 2 and being rated the number one overall prospect according to Baseball America.   Jackson Chourio could be on track to see some MLB action in 2023.

The 19 year old phenom is having an impressive showing in Double-A Biloxi.  Chourio is sporting a .270/.309/.418 line and he has driven in twenty two  runs to go along with five dingers.  Chourio is also a perfect 10 for ten in stolen base attempts.

If Chourio continues to be successfull in Double-A, a promotion to Nashville may not be to far off. 

The case for an MLB Promotion

The Milwaukee Brewers have been hit with the injury bug this season.  Of course, that has plagued mostly the pitching staff, however one injury that has clearly effected the team is star center fielder Garrett Mitchell going down and needing  shoulder surgery that ended his 2023 campaign.

As soon as that unfortunate injury happened, Sal Frelick who hit the Injured list almost simultaneously all eyes turned two Jackson Chourio. 

Before we go and say " it's a long shot"  let's look at one player who recently saw big league time and is baseballs current number one prospect.  Jordan Walker, Walker never saw Triple-A, but made St. Louis opening day roster in 2023.  If you want to compare Chourio's and Walkers Double A lines.  Walker's in 2022 .306/.388/.510.  He smashed 19 homeruns and drove in 68 runs.  This all happened in 119 games.

Through just 34 games Chourio is on pace to match what Walker did in 2022.  The plus side to Chourio is he also plays elite defense.  In 2022 he won the Milb Gold Glove award.  Chourio has alot to learn, but his quick climb throughout the minors is making it seem like anything can happen.  All we fans can do is just root for him and see what September holds.



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Would love it , but would rather not rush it . Let  him hit   triple A first. Don't want to see his confidence ruined if it doesn't go well !

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There's a pretty significant difference between .270/.309/.418 and .306/.388/.510. Let him play in AA for at least half the season then promote him to AAA if warranted and play out the season there. I want Chourio's years in the majors to be the best he can offer over wasting a year or so learning on the fly.


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He is on pace to match HRs and RBIs, but there is a huge difference in those stat lines.  He is not on pace to match that type of hitting this year.

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In a word, no.

If he settles in & really goes on a hot streak in Biloxi I'd be fine with him getting 3-4 weeks in AAA to finish the season. But even spending the entire season in Biloxi wouldn't bother me, if that were to happen.

Let's not forget.............19.

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On 5/23/2023 at 10:07 AM, Roderick said:

He is on pace to match HRs and RBIs, but there is a huge difference in those stat lines.  He is not on pace to match that type of hitting this year.

Well for being 2 years younger and obviously not to the 119games Walker played for his entire age 20 season in 2022, Chourio has some games to build up to the similar stats besides hrs/rbi. Looks like we're at 38games thus far. You'd imagine the callup would happen in late June early July to AAA when a healthy Frelick/Wiemer would have joined the team. Injuries moved Wiemer right away and unfortunately took Frelick less than 3 weeks later. 6-8weeks is what was said Frelick would be down. What are we 3weeks in? Expect a callup around 65-70AA games to AAA. He can add 60+games at AAA to determine a Sept callup. August 1st if the crew trade say Wiemer or Frelick around deadline.

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Don't rush him, if he was hitting .300 and taking walks I would be onboard, however AA seems like the right spot for him. If he gets hot for a week or two later in the year a AAA promotion wouldn't be crazy by any means. I would guess he is maybe a candidate for a call-up around this time next year if things go well.

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