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Stupid Rock Garden Advice

Fatter than Joey

I have 3 stupid shrubs in front of our house in a stupid white rock garden. I hate the stupid shrubs and the stupid white rocks.


I butchered the stupid shrubs down to the "trunk" and removed 40 billion stupid white rocks from the garden via the wheelbarrow.


I tried to dig the stupid shrub "trunks" out of the rock garden -- however there are even more stupid white rocks under the dirt that make it impossible to use a spade or pickax.


I removed so many stupid white rocks, I am now below the floor of the ground level of the house.


What I want to do is remove the stupid shrub remnants and pour some dirt and woodchips in and plant whatever stupid thing my wife wants me to put there. What would be the best way to remove the existing (stupid) shrubs if I can not dig around them?

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When your done do you want to come take my stupid white rocks?




What are you going to do with your stupid white rocks?


I put some in the neighbor's rock gardens, and the rest I dumped behind my stupid shed.


I hate white rocks. What were people thinking?!?


Dynamite, duh!


Yeah, generally I fully endorse the use of explosives and I am never apologetic about over-engineering a situation -- but I am pretty positive, if I use dynamite, when the smoke clears, there will just be more stupid white rocks everywhere.

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I would do what I did at my old house and put a front deck porch in front of your house. That way you can just leave all the stupid crap underneathe the porch instead of digging it all up. Front porched look nice and are extremely functional.
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Peanut butter jelly on a front porch deck!





I'm guessing Jaimie could find a use for the stupid white rocks.


Finally -- something with which to attack squirrels!

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