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So with the Orioles and Rangers doubleheader...


I am curious to know exactly how this works. One game starts at 4 and the next one is at 8. Do they make the fans leave after game one? Do you need a ticket for each game? Seems like the games are awfully close together to try and force that.


Also, obviously this won't happen given that it's a weekday game in Texas, but if they are not requiring two tickets ... What would happen if game one was a near sell-out, and game two was also? Obviously they would run into some issues.

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i went to the brewers/cardinals doubleheader/meltdownFIASCO last year and though i don't remember what the "listed" times were, the stadium was definitely cleared between games. it was nice, though, as it provided a chance to walk around by the arch and get my jeffress on before the second game. plus we ate at a place called show 'ems which was kind of a junior varsity hooters type establishment. our waitress was the only attractive one in the place and she had on one of those ankle bracelets that parolees are sometimes required to wear. CLASSY.


tickets were required for each game individually, also.

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I can see how they clear out the joint with a day/nite twin bill. But both of these are at night. That's pretty cheesy if you ask me. I would hope nobody comes to the second game but that wont happen.


I'm gonna show my age...back when the Braves were still in Milwaukee in that era there was scheduled double dips. Now you cant even get two for one due to weather?



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I was in the car yesterday afternoon listening to the first game of the DH, and the announcers said they had $1 hot dogs all day for the DH. Don't know if they had any ticket promotions, but looking at the second game box score on Yahoo, the listed attendance was only 15,560.


From a blog on the Dallas Morning News prior to Game 1:


Ever stayed at the ballpark after a three-hour rain delay?

Well that's what it's like here as we get ready to start Game 1.

I could probably count the people here in the lower two levels, but I won't go to the trouble. Let's just say it looks like a Marlins crowd.


I don't think it was what one would consider a day/night DH except for the 4 and 8 starting times. Don't true splits usually start at like 1 PM and 7 PM so they have time to clear out the stands? These games were played with about a 1/2 hour break between games 1 & 2.

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One attendance figure (15,560) was listed for both games, so it looks like this was a traditional single admission double header. Those start times would seem way too close for comfort to have separate admissions. I'm betting the second game time was established for television.


By the way, jeffress was used as a noun in reply #2. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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