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Iron Man


Because I know a bunch of you will be seeing it this weekend. I saw it yesterday.


I think it's an excellent example of how an inspired casting choice can elevate fairly stock material. The plot is about as straightforward as a superhero origin movie gets. In fact, you see the hero create his super armor not once but twice. The romantic subplot is pretty prefunctory and the villains pretty stock. The last major action setpiece is nothing really memorable either. There's also some blatantly obvious product placement that threw me out of the film on occasion.


But, the whole thing is elevated through acting and a quirky, funny tone. Robert Downey Jr. is a totally inspired casting choice and is a pleasure to watch throughout the movie as he brings charm and line readings that feel totally of the moment throughout the film. He's as invaluable to the movie as Johnny Depp is to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Especially when he's berating his robot assistants. Even at the slowest point in the movie, he's totally watchable and interesting. Gwyneth Paltrow has good chemistry with Downey and does the best with what she has, but she really can only do so much with a fairly stock role. Jeff Bridges, despite some good scenes, is stymied a bit by a role that doesn't have much dimension to it and becomes less dimensional as the movie rolls along.


The special effects are very well done and the film has a nice look to it, helped by the decision to add panoramic backdrops whenever possible. This isn't a shadowy, brooding film, but a colorful and open film emphasizing the fun aspects of being a superhero whenever possible. I don't think it's a deep film, at all, or says anything new about the genre, but it's a fun and professionally made movie that hits the marks it aims for.



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Nice non-spoiler review, Robert -- really gives me a good feel of what to expect. I was already looking forward to this a great deal, as Downey's performance has earned nothing but rave reviews, and in general the movie has been well-regarded. But, as you mentioned, it's just a well-done 'fun' movie, and it's been a while since I've seen one of those that hasn't felt slapped together with little care.


I can't wait to go see this! Can I ask in advance that any spoilers be hidden? I'd love to hear peoples' takes on it, but not due to specifically laid-out plot points.



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Same here Katuluu. I'm going to see it after work tonight in Janesville. I told my girlfriend 3 weeks ago i'd make it up to her. Hopefully she likes it and i don't have to go watch some Gilmore Girls Marathon or something. But if i do, it will be worth it.

( '_')


( '_')>⌐■-■



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Note to Marvel comics fans:



(None of that Cloverfield, audio-clip-played-backwards junk.)



There are definitely scenes in the movie where you can tell the people who know and love the comic book characters, and the people who are there to see a popcorn flick or were dragged to see it by someone who loves the characters. I don't know whether Jon Favreau grew up a comic book fan, or whether his supporting role in Daredevil brought him into the characters....but it's pretty clear that this is the movie he wanted to make...and not just a paycheck (Ratner's X-3) or having characters forced in by the studio (Venom in Spider-Man 3). It had a number of surprisingly funny moments (mainly centered around the Stark mansion) for an action film.



Personally, I'm just glad they found a way to introduce the character without using any of Iron Man's weirder / racially insensitive (Mandarin) rogues gallery. Robert Downey Jr. is pitch-perfect as Tony Stark, such that I can't wait to see follow-up films with him in that role. Likewise, when they cast Gwyneth Paltrow as Tony's assistant, I was afraid they'd overuse the character; I'm glad to say that didn't happen.

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Saw it today and enjoyed it quite a bit. Robert hit it on the head with the major points I walked away with: 1) Downey is perfect, 2) it's not heavy in the least, and 3) Bridges' character is woefully underused/underdeveloped. Being a big Bridges fan (one of my top 5) I may be a bit biased there, but it would've been great to see his character developed more. In fact, if they could have used the 1st film (of many, I assume) as the origin, and the antagonist some other villain, then carried Bridges throughout, they could have had him as the bad guy in the next film, and that would've worked out nicely. (Holy run-on sentence...yikes). It'll be fun to see Howard get to put on the armor as well.


Still think Dark Knight is the #1 must see for me this summer. Indy, Wall E, and Hellboy 2 close behind. And I have yet to have seen a spot for Hulk that thrills me at all.

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