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Extreme Home Makeover -- Klang Family.

I got an email sent to me regarding the Klang's and their possible appearance on Extreme Home Makeover. If you are interested in seeing them on the show I guess you can send an email


(John Klang was the principal that was shot last year in WI)


A month ago an article in our local paper was requesting nominations for the T.V. show Extreme Home Makeover. Knowing that Sue Klang was living in a very old home and relying on wood heat, I submitted her name with a short story. The producer contacted me 2 weeks ago needing more information on John and Sue's home. Last week I went out and took pictures of her home. It is 120 years old. The house is in terrible condition. John and Sue felt very strongly that they needed to pay off the farm before they did anything to the house. It was paid off shortly before he was killed and they never had a chance to do anything to the home.


It was a very sad night when I met with Sue. She is feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done to the

house. She is the 5th generation to live on the farm and she would like to live there for as long as she is able. The condition of the house will prevent her from doing so.


The Extreme Home Makeover casting director contacted me last night. Sue is a finalist and they are making their decision today. Please join me by sending an email to castingwisconsin@gmail.com, put in the subject line Vote for Klang Family. Please send this to everyone you know and encourage them to nominate Sue A.S.A.P. Please send this email to everyone you



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My wife too is a huge fan of the show. However I keep reminding her that for her to ever be on the show that I would most likely have died tragically or contracted an incurable disease of some sort. Hopefully she'll be happy with never being on the show.


Hopefully the Klangs and Wisconsin get some love again on that show. I know they had done one in Wisconsin in the past and the support was overwhelming.

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