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Question for Guitar Hero / Rock Band players


When playing on Hard mode, do you call in the pinky finger, or still slide the main 3 fingers up and down the fret board?

I'm over 90% on most of the songs at medium difficulty (using the 3 fingers), but find myself failing quickly when trying songs on Hard mode.
Practice is obviously the key, but I'm curious to find out if there's a universally preferred way to go about practicing these songs.

(Moving to Medium, I made the conscious decision to shift fingers to the middle 3 buttons, and slide up to green....thinking that would make the transition I'm currently working on an easier one.)

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Pinky easily. When I first started I could barely play on medium. Now I can play most songs on expert fairly easily. It just takes a little getting used to but it's really not that hard.
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Gotta use the pinky, my hands are too small to stretch for the 3-note sperations that will eventually come (ie: green/blue) Although I am known to slide pointer/ring finger back and forth when its all 2-spaced notes (green/yellow, r/b, y/o)


The easiest way to learn to use the pinky is to just play with the 4 fingers on medium, especially since you've got the sliding thing down already.

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