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Scrubs moving to ABC


This is for all the Scrubs fans out there. This is from Zach Braff's myspace page.


Dear friends,


Many of you have been understandably confused by the Fairy Tale episode of Scrubs serving as the series finale. It was not. I was not allowed to say it until today, but Scrubs will be moving to ABC for its final season. We are currently filming the 8th and final season. The true finale of the show will air on ABC in the fall. NBC merely promoted the Fairy Tale episode as the finale, as it was the last episode they owned.




Also, several of you were very confused by the fact that Dr. Kelso and Laverne were still working at the hospital in the Fairy Tale episode. Because of the writer's strike, the last remaining episodes for NBC were aired out of order. This is why Dr. Kelso was still chief of medicine. That was not Laverne however, for those of you who have been following closely; it was a new nurse "Shirley" who no one thinks looks anything like Laverne except for JD.




Hope this clears some things up.




peace and love,


( '_')


( '_')>⌐■-■



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The fairytale episode was pretty weak, I am glad there will be a final season at least.
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This season (7) was supposed to be the last, but the writer's strike screwed everything up. NBC decided to drop the series and aired the last episode they owned as a series finale, but the exec producer vowed he would finish the series properly. So they're doing their last season on ABC. NBC never appreciated this truly great show... I'm glad it's moving to ABC for a proper sendoff even though I'll admit the last season or two has not been as good as the seasons before it. I want a proper ending for everything.
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The board found out that he was 65 so he was basically forced to retire. Elliot felt bad cause she's the one that let it slip he was actually that old, so her and the other guys (Dr. Cox/J.D./Turk/Carla/ etc.) helped him keep his job. He basically then said he wanted to leave on his own terms and screw everyone else and "quit."


Like everyone else said the last couple seasons haven't been as good as the first few, but it still deserves an actual series finale and everything.

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