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What would be worse for us? (Relateing to the Cubs)


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Look at it this way... they lose either way... they're losers if they lose it or they lose the Lovable tag if they win the Series.


And I think everyone does care. That's what makes it a rivalry. We hate them.

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Nobody in their right mind loves a loser....
Tell that to my wife. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/tongue.gif

I remember in the mid 80's when the Cubs had bit of a run after what seemed like decades of futility. There were Cub fans coming out of the woodwork, and this was in northern WI. I couldn't possibly imagine how bad it would be now if they not only went to, but won, the WS. These people would be intolerable. Remember the Bears winning the SB? We still get flashbacks of the Super Bowl Shuffle. With their longer stretch of futility, the Cub fans would be exponentially worse. It's inconceivable!


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I'm not sure which would be more painful, the buildup to the event or the aftermath which would go on for decades.


But don't worry - its the Cubs.

Formerly AKA Pete
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Any Cubs success is generally problematic for me. However, I can think of a few very thin (wafer-thin) silver linings to which I would cling if they ever win it all:


- Their casual fan base would take at least a small hit. The casual fan who watches the WS and says, "hmm, Chicago hasn't won in like 100 years, may as well root for them" wouldn't have that argument anymore after they won. I realize that this would probably be more than overshadowed by the overdose of (as SeriesFinale aptly put it) entitlement/arrogance, but that's why I said "wafer-thin silver lining."


- I do know a handful of people who are fans of the Cubs like we are fans of the Brewers. I would be happy for those select few.


- If it did happen in 2008, based on recent history, that'd probably be it until 2108, which should take care of practically all of our lifetimes.

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