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03/16/07 - Brewers (Vargas) @ Angels (Moseley) - 3:05pm CT


Insert pretty pictures and fancy pants stats here! (Figure no one is listening while the Badger game is on)



Iribarren, H, 2B

Chavez, O, SS

Braun, R, 3B

Rivera, C

Gross, DH

Clark, RF

Rottino, 1B

Gwynn, CF

Anderson, LF

Vargas, P



Matthews, CF

Cabrera, SS

Guerrero, RF

Anderson, LF

Kotchman, 1B

Kendrick, 2B

Quinlan, DH

Molina, J, C

Figgins, 3B

Moseley, P

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3 run dinger for Rottino! And Clark has 3 hits. I looked at the Brewers ST stats compared to the league as of today. We're #1 in hitting, #27 in pitching and #26 or something like that in fielding. Yikes. Awesome and awful.
Brew Crew: Don't Let Me Down
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It's back now, Turnbow with a walk, then a Chone Figgins triple, but the runner going home missed third, and the Brewers win the appeal. Then Ryan Crew makes a nice play in the infield to cut down Figgins at home.


Quite a few youngsters from minor league camp in there --Crew (perfect Brewer name), Freddy Parejo - lots of uniform numbers in the 90's...

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