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Is it safe to say the Brewers have the best/most power prospects of any Minors system?

I was looking at the Southern League stats to check out some OPS numbers, and realized that Huntsville had the top three batters in terms of collecting extra base hits on the season. Gamel has 37 extra base knocks, LaPorta 34, and Gillespie 27. To me, those numbers are pretty stunning, especially Gamel with his batting average up in the .380 range. With Salome as a power hitting catcher, Errecart, Chapman, and others, I was wondering if the Brewers system is at the top in terms of the supply of this particular tool...
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What is impressive is how the numbers compare to the numbers Fielder, Weeks, Hardy, Hart, and even Braun put up in Huntsville. They are pretty much across the board better. LaPorta and Salome are off the charts overall and LaPorta's HR rate is slightly better than Braun and Fielder's.
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What's hilarious(ly awesome) to me is that Gamel's ISO is approaching .300, and he's not even leading the team.


A list of ISO's at Huntsville:


LaPorta - .307 (age 23)

Gamel - .287 (22)

Braun - .286 (22)

Errecart - .247 (23)

Gillespie - .232 (24)

Katin - .213 (24)

Salome - .209 (22)

Fielder - .201 (20)

Nelson - .180 (21)

Hart - .165 (21)

Hardy - .149 (20)

Weeks - .148 (21)


Fielder's is still pretty impressive, due to his age.

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