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Do I make a website, newsgroup, or what?


We have family and friends spread out all over the place, and in an effort to bring us all a bit closer together I would like to create a place that we can all share/view photos or notes.


So- being about as computer smart as a log, I need to find something easy to initiate, easy to manage, easy for all to access, something I can password protect or limit from the public, easy for photos, and anything else that I'd need which I am not aware of. I want to keep it super inexpensive but I'm not willing to have pop up ads and other irritating garbage all over the place. Yuku is an option of course, but it has pop ups if I don't pay a fee. If it's only a small amount of cash, I can spring for it but like I said, I'd like to explore options if possible.


Any ideas.

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Yuku doesn't have popups, but the ads are kind of gross. They show up within messages themselves in up to three posts per page, depending on the number of posts on the page. To stay ad-free on a small board, it'd cost $54 per year.

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To have your own website (domain + hosting via godaddy) = $55-60. It's just a matter if you can make it do what you want with the computacity (just made it up--I like it) of a log.
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